Peanuts in Italian? In French? In Spanish?

I am a big fan of the adventures of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, the classic “Peanuts” characters of Charles M. Schulz.  Always loved them, always will.

So I was very surprised to find out that someone put together an animated Peanuts series.

Wow.  I need to find this show.

And I did…

Unfortunately, I found out that this Peanuts series is from Europe.  And all the character dialogue is in Italian.  And in French.  And in Spanish.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that Peanuts is a worldwide phenomenon, and the characters are beloved by everybody.

But with such beautiful and flowing animation from this cartoon series…

Why in the world couldn’t someone have dubbed and distributed an English version for the American market?

So here’s what I’m talking about.

And this one.

There are other clips floating around from Peanuts TV shows and movies that were dubbed in foreign tongues.  Such as this one.

And this German version.  I wonder if they ever did a German Peanuts clip where Snoopy loses to the Red Baron?

I think this is “There’s No Time For Love, Charlie Brown,” in Portuguese.  Wow.

You know what?  Even if I can’t understand what they’re saying, perhaps by watching these clips over and over… I can pick up little phrases here and there.  And over time… maybe I can even pick up whole sentences.

Which would be great if I ever went to Paris or Lisbon or Palermo… I could call someone a blockhead, I could cause an international incident by saying “Good Grief,” or maybe I’ll just find a doghouse and sleep on top of it.

I mean … sleeping on a doghouse is universal in every language, isn’t it?