A moment of zen at Thacher Park

Thacher Park, of late, has become a place for me to recharge my creative personal photographic batteries.  In doing so, I feel a refreshing change in my view towards nature.

Which is what happened a couple of days ago.  I dropped off my two pictures at the Emma Treadwell Nature Center for the upcoming Thacher Park Nature Show, and as I drove through the rain down Route 157 back to Albany, I noticed that the rain and chilly weather had created several little creeks and streams along the mountainside.  I must come back and photograph some of these, I thought to myself.

Friday afternoon… I’ve got the Nikon Df and I want to capture these streams.

Dang it… they’re either gone, or they’re down to a trickle.  Damn it, Miller, would it kill you to be more prepared?

Then I saw it.  A beautiful stream along the mountainside.  It hadn’t disappeared; in fact, it was still flowing, free and beautiful.

I parked.  Grabbed the Df.  And a few rapid-fire shots later…

Oh wait.  I’m not done.  See, folks, I can either bring you a photo of a waterfall…

Or I can bring you the waterfall itself.  Courtesy of a 12-image combined Nikon Df cinemagraph.

And this, my friends, is your moment of zen.  Enjoy the peace and tranquility of a late winter stream, the ice melting into little creeks and trickles.

A moment of zen for you, to help make the rest of your day as smooth and as crisp and as clear as the melted water.

Enjoy the weekend, my friends.