Jeopardy! – Chuck Miller blog edition

Jeopardy! is a fun television show.  In fact, two of the TU’s community bloggers – Roger Green and Tara Whittle – have appeared on the program.

The other day, I found a meme generator that creates Jeopardy! clues in the same blue background and serifed font as what one would see on the show.  A little goofing around with the categories, and…

For those of you who read this blog on a regular basis, or for those of you who think you know Chuck Miller better than Chuck Miller knows Chuck Miller (and that’s why God invented restraining orders), I’ve created a little Jeopardy! game for a nice diversion.  No Daily Doubles, no Final Jeopardy, just a bunch of clues about the past six and a half years of this blog.

This should be lots of fun.  Have at it.  How many can you get right?

What is Mad Max: Fury Road? What is BlackBerry? What is Iverhill? What is "Star Trails"? What is Cardachrome? What is two? What is Saints' Rest Beach? What is the Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia? Who are the Pittsburgh Steelers? What is Bob and Ron's Fish Fry? What is Answers Please? What is the Trivia Bowl? What is Jesus Saves? What is the Jumbuck? Who is Mohler and Choo, DDS? What is Rocky Mountain Film Lab? Where is Collarworld? What is the 49th Resolution? What is a Dream Window? What is Bottle Service? What are ghost signs? What is Raskolnikov? What is the Royale With Cheese Movie Club? What is the Blackbird?

You should be able to get these right.  In fact, you can double-check your answers by hovering your cursor over the question, which should make the correct answer pop up.

If not, I’m sure you’ll come up with some goofy snarky answers instead.

Have at it, blog readers!