Homophobic, Anti-Semitic vulgarities at Massachusetts high school basketball game

This is classless.  It’s offensive and it’s vulgar and both schools should be ashamed of their students’ actions.

Follow me on this.

Last Friday, Newton North High School played Catholic Memorial in a Massachusetts high school basketball tournament game.  Catholic Memorial won the game 77-73, but the game itself was marred by the fan sections for both schools shouting taunts at each other.

For background, I should mention that Newton North High School has a robust Jewish enrollment.  Catholic Memorial is an all-boys’ parochial school.

So during the game, as the competition on the court got more and more intense, the fan sections for both teams thought they’d get in a few chants of their own.

The Newton North section chanted “Sausage fest! Sausage fest!” at the Catholic Memorial students.

The response from the Catholic Memorial student section?  “You killed Jesus! You killed Jesus!!

That’s right.  The Newton North students used a homophobic slur on the Catholic Memorial students, who turned around and blurted an Anti-Semitic slur right back.


Since then, Catholic Memorial has apologized for the actions of their students.

My feeling?  Both schools should apologize, not only to each other, but to the communities at large.  Because, honestly, the reference to “sausage fest” is a nasty implication of what might be going on at an all-boys’ high school.


Honestly, you have two examples of hate speech going on here.  Anti-Semitic jeers and homophobic taunts at a high school basketball contest?  Really?  This is what we’ve devolved into?  And although the deicide chants from Catholic Memorial are vulgar and offensive, so too were the reprehensible taunts from Newton North.

Every time I think we’ve evolved as humans, stuff like this just makes me want to bang my head against a stone wall.