K-Chuck Radio: Preach…

Sometimes in this world, you need a motivational song to get you through the tough times.  You need something that can be your anthem, your fight song, your rallying cry.

You need this like you need oxygen.

So here at the worldwide studios of K-Chuck Radio, I’ve assembled a group of songs that, after you hear them, you will want to march outside and tackle anything that tries to get in your way.  Here we go.

Are You Ready?

This anthem can really rev a person up, from its spoken-word introduction to a chorus and beat that simply kicks tail.

One Small Day

The early 1980’s version of Ultravox – basically from “Sleepwalk” and “Vienna” forward – had some great rock anthems.  This was my favorite, and in the chorus it sounds like Midge Ure is channeling his inner Bono.

Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now

Gene McFadden and John Whitehead wrote some classic Philly Soul songs for the O’Jay’s and Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes … and this was their kick-ass song that can rev up even the most down person.


Yeah, I know, it’s almost obligatory to sneak a Dragon video into my K-Chuck playlist… but damn, you’re not going to deny this song is a real burst of energy…

Groove Is In The Heart

A little fun club music – complete with Bootsy Collins adding his groove to the mix… total awesomeness.


The minute that keyboard riff starts and the scratching begins, I know there’s a smile on your face when you hear this track.

Let The Music Play

Oh man I almost forgot about this fantastic electro-funk dance track.  Almost.  But not quite.  Come on, the minute you hear this track again you’re like, “Crank up the computer speakers, I want to dance right now!!”

Cruisin’ Music

Long before he wrote hits like “All By Myself” and “Hungry Eyes,” Eric Carmen was the frontman for the power-pop group The Raspberries.  And although I could have added tracks like “Go All The Way” or “I Wanna Be With You,” I thought this track would be more appropriate for a rev-up playlist like today.

Sausalito Summernight

This has to have the best up-and-at’em opening riff in early 80’s pop music.  Forget the lyrics.  I could just make a ringtone out of the intro to this song and it would be lots of fun. 😀

Get It On

And finally, this 70’s horn-rock groove will have your body moving in maybe 25 seconds or less.  This is a good thing.

Okay.  You ready for the day now?  Yes you are.  So have a great day, thanks to the crew here at K-Chuck Radio!!