Now that Google’s Nik collection is free…


Years ago, someone suggested that I tweak one of my photos by purchasing a digital plugin called Silver Efex to make one of my pictures ultra-sharp.  I thought about it, and actually considered downloading the Silver Efex plugin – until I discovered that the plugin and its entire software bundle, called Nik, was $500.

And that was $500 more than I wanted to spend.

Trust me.  I’m not a cheapskate.  And I understand that in the world of photography, if you have to ask how much something costs, you can’t afford it.  So I skipped the plugin and worked with my available imaging programs.

Somewhere along the line, Google acquired the Nik software package.  I didn’t know that they dropped the price of the software suite from $500 to $150.  But the other day, I found out that they eventually dropped the price from $150 to FREE.

Free is nice.  So I downloaded the Nik plugins.  They attached to my fully-licensed copy of Photoshop CS6 (in case you were wondering, Chuck doesn’t buy pirated software either; I waited until I could purchase my own licensed copy).  There it was.  Nik plugins, all ready to go.

Now for the test drive.

I chose several of my photos that, for one reason or another, I chose NOT to enter in competition.  I entered the original raw .NEF files into Photoshop, and then used these new Nik plugins to, shall we say, enhance what I’ve got.

And here are the results.

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You tell me what you think.  I understand this is my first attempt with this Nik software, but I have a feeling that if I tune this just the right way…

This could be a weapon in my photographic arsenal, especially with my digital gear.

Plus… it gives me more options when “Competition Season” arrives.  And maybe the photos that I DID consider for Competition Season 2016…

I may have to reconsider my options.

Which, in all honesty, isn’t a bad thing…