Oh look, another ghost sign…

It’s amazing sometimes.  You think you’ve found every ghost sign and vintage brick-ad in the Capital District, and then … when you least expect it … you look up.

And there’s another one.


Yesterday, I spent some time with my old high school bud Frieda Tillman.  We had lunch, we caught up on things, and then we drove over to help courier her nephew to a Little League game.

We drove over to pick up her nephew… and as I got out of the car to make room in the back seat for her nephew and relatives to sit…

I looked up.

Holy smoke.

Another ghost sign, right on the brick itself.

How the hell did I miss this one?

I grabbed the camera closest to me – the one on my BlackBerry PRIV cell phone (have I mentioned how much I love this BlackBerry PRIV?), and snagged this shot.

Gold Medal flour
Essentially … Gold Medal Flour. BlackBerry PRIV camera phone. Photo in South Troy.  Photo  by Chuck Miller.

Holy Galloping Gourmet, Batman… A Gold Medal Flour ghost sign.  Almost faded away… but still slightly visible.

I know.  I live in the Capital District.  There’s a ton of brick-ads and ghost signs all over the place.  We have hundred-year-old brick buildings, they were perfect locales for these old adverts.  Sometimes the buildings are covered up for ages until the neighboring building comes down, and the advert is revealed in all its glory.  Other times, the advert is restored by someone interested in its preservation or its kitsch value.

And sometimes, the building on which the ghost sign exists is torn down.

You can’t save every ghost sign out there.  And you can’t keep a building up just because someone put a Uneeda Biscuit advert on it 100 years ago.

But when you do find these old adverts… it’s still kinda cool.

Sure is.