Empire Consumer Services keeps right on calling…

Apparently Empire Consumer Services, the telemarketer that has been hassling me about purchasing an extended vehicle service contract for my dearly departed 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS, is now trying to convince me that no means yes and left means right.

Which also means that today I received a telephone call from Judy.

Judy, if you recall, called me the FIRST time last Tuesday, trying to sell me a vehicle service contract for over $2,500 for my car.  I said no.  Apparently Judy doesn’t understand the word no, because she called back today and wanted to know if I wanted to put the coverage back on the Blackbird.

I reminded her that she called me.  I even quoted the figures she pitched at me for payment options and coverage.

“Well, I have a note here to contact you.”

Oh?  And who wrote this note?  Where did this note come from?  Did the Owl and the Pussycat use it to wrap something up?

And, of course, I’m giving Judy the business.  I ask her why, once again, if I’m on the Do Not Call list, does she feel the need to keep on calling?  “That’s an excellent question,” she said.  Yes it is.  And I’m waiting for your excellent answer.

She also told me that although she took my name off of HER list, my number might still come up on any one of 49 other Empire Consumer Services locations spread out throughout the United States, a call center for every individual state.  Fantastic.  I should be receiving a call from Empire Consumer Services of Rhode Island tomorrow.  Maybe Empire Consumer Services of West Virginia can contact me afterwards.

And … of course … I’ve got audio.  You know I’ve got audio of this.

So after about six minutes of this, Judy gets cranky, wishes me a blessed day, and hangs up.

Folks, this is what telemarketers and robocallers and spambots do.  They call and call and call, they don’t take get lost for an answer, and they continue to harass and pester you until they get what they want.

I guess Empire Consumer Services doesn’t understand that they’re not getting what they want.  At least not from me.

They just don’t learn.