The secret entry to the New York State Fair

Because of space and format requirements, my Dream Window constructions are ineligible for the New York State Fair’s photography competition.  Bummer.

And I’ve already selected my six entries for the 2016 photo competition, so there’s no room for any Dream Windows in that category.

But just for a lark, I looked through the listings of other Fair competitions.

And I found something interesting.  Very interesting.

There’s a category for dollhouses.

No, not that kind of dollhouse.  Damn, I miss that TV show…

Okay, anyway…

Last year, just on a lark, I turned an old cathedral radio cabinet into a miniature cathedral, complete with dollhouse pews and a pulpit and swirled glass all around.  You might remember it, The Cathedral of St. Philco.

Display with stained glass view of the Cathedral of St. Philco.
Display with stained glass view of the Cathedral of St. Philco.

I would at least give it ONE shot in competition.

And sure enough, the New York State Fair had a special category in the Arts and Crafts section for dollhouses – Section 31, Division X, to be more precise.  There were three dollhouse categories – (1) Hand-crafted doll house with furniture, (2) Commercial doll house; self-created interior; and (3) Room box vignettes.

I figured that St. Philco would fit in category (1), in that its construction was from an old repurposed radio cabinet rather than from one of those Victorian dollhouses you can buy at any hobby store.  And hey, if I’m wrong, I would hope that the judges would move the item to what they felt was the proper category.

I looked over the Cathedral.  It would need some minor touch-ups – the pulpit must be re-attached to the glass-tile floor; I have some tiny wooden crosses that can go in the stained glass window; and the velvet paneling was falling apart and needed replacement.  Simple steps.

So I have a few days to take care of it.  And I can do that.

So when I enter my six images into the New York State Fair’s photography competition…

I’ll have one extra submission, in a different competition on the Fairgrounds.

I don’t know if I’ll ever compete in this division or in this setting again.

But if I do not try… if I do not attempt…

Then I’ll never know.