Week 1 of the 2016 Summer Trivia League at Graney’s Stout

No, your eyes do not deceive you.

The trivia recaps are back.

Years ago, in the early days of this weblog, I recapped the success of my bar trivia team, Street Academy, at the Elbo Room multi-week big money trivia tournaments.  My team won two of those tournaments back in the day, and after each Thursday night game, I would recap the matches on Friday morning.

Last year, I got back into playing multi-week trivia tournaments by participating in the Graney’s Stout Trivia League matches.  The games were a combination of “win by points” and “win by raffle” contests – every ten points you earned on the night garnered you an additional raffle ticket, and you could win the overall cash prize if your team was among the top three at the end of the 12-week run.

So every Wednesday night, after playing at Graney’s Stout for trivia, I’ll recap the tournament.  This should be fun.

The teams involved in the Trivia League?  Well, there’s the Street Academy, also known as “Chuck Miller and any of his friends.”  Other teams on Wednesday night include veteran trivia squads The Fist, Woo Hoo a Go Go and Stern Fans, along with new arrival trivia teams Nacho Punch and Dan 2016: The Danpire Strikes Back or The Danasty or some Dan-spired pun.  Dan-tastic.

So for Week 1 of the Trivial League tournament, the regular squads were there, as well as some new teams with names like Team Bob, You’re the Kilt To My Bagpipes, Team Minority Report and The Dude Abides.  As for scoring – it’s a standard 20-question game, with point values equal to the question’s difficulties.  At the 20th question, you can wager as many or as few points as you choose; and whatever you’ve earned at the end of the night goes toward your cumulative point total.  And the top three teams at the end of the twelve-week tournament pick up big money.

Okay.  Justin’s filling in as host, so let’s raise the glasses and have a social.

I started off strong by knowing the last President of the Soviet Union (Mikhail Gorbachev), as well as the father of microbiology (Louis Pasteur, although the host did accept Antonie van Leeuwenhoek as a correct answer).  But I whiffed on the singer of the country song “Live Like You Were Dying” (apparently it’s NOT Luke Bryan), and I skipped on the country of origin of the first South American player in the NBA.

And, of course, I had one of the teams – Woo Hoo a Go Go – kindly remind me of my inability to get questions about South America correct.  Thanks, guys.  Thanks a pantload.

Things picked up later in the game; I nailed the first four years in which the Mets made the World Series (1969, 1973, 1986, 2000), as well as the sport in which the Eisenhower Trophy is contested (amateur golf) and the location of the Civil Rights Museum (Memphis).

After the nineteenth question, I was in third place with 114 points.  Two teams ahead of mine, eight behind.

Now normally I would bet the farm, swing for the fences, and if I got it right, I could claim the weekly prize – a big cheese pizza.  But this is a twelve-week tournament, and I wanted to at least establish points.  The category was “Dead First Ladies.”  I wagered conservatively.

“How old was Nancy Reagan when she passed away?”

I don’t know … three days older than dirt?

I wouldn’t gain or lose additional raffle tickets for my answer; so I simply wrote a goof answer and handed it in.

Several teams did answer correctly, that Nancy Reagan was 94 when she shuffled off that mortal coil.  Everybody finished with points; and my Street Academy trivia team – which right now is just me – started the twelve-week tournament in the upper half of the leader board.

Oh yeah.  The leader board.

These are the teams and their final scores for the week.  I will do my best to update this every week, so that all teams know how well they’re doing in the tournament.

Graney’s Stout Trivia League Standings
Summer 2016
Week 1 of 12
Trivia Team Week 1
1 Dan 2016 250 250
2 Nacho Punch 224 224
3 Woo Hoo a Go Go 120 120
4 Street Academy 110 110
5 The Fist 100 100
6 Team Bob 96 96
7 Stern Fans 90 90
8 Team Minority Report 84 84
9 The Dude Abides 60 60
10 Team Eleven 48 48
11 You’re the Kilt to My Bagpipes 42 42

One week down … eleven weeks to go.