Week 3 of the 2016 Graney’s Summer Trivia League

So let’s see.  A few things have come up with regard to this season’s “Trivia League” tournament.  First off, after twelve weeks of play, the top four teams will receive money.  That’s in addition to the money being raffled off during the weekly games.   So there will be, once again, “THE DREADED CUT LINE” at the bottom of this blog post.

And of the five teams ahead of me this week… one team didn’t show up.  Stern Fans was not at Graney’s Stout for Week 3 of the tournament.

So right now I have to formulate a plan.  I need to make the Top 4 of the standings to receive money at the end of the tournament.  If I don’t make the Top 4, the only money I could earn would be from the raffles.

If the Street Academy trivia team’s night is good… I can advance.  And if it isn’t… I can at least cover my points and still move up the ladder.

I did hit well on the bonus questions, being able to name the four states besides West Virginia that border Virginia (Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland and North Carolina); I knew the Prime Minister of England that succeeded Margaret Thatcher (John Major), and a couple of guesses helped as well – yes, Rhianna guest starred on Eminem’s hit “Monster”, and yes Vinnie and Jules were characters in Pulp Fiction.

In the end, though, I was in the middle of the pack with 66 points.  Cumulatively, I was fifteen points behind Stern Fans (who wasn’t in) and nine points behind Woo Hoo a Go Go (who was).

The final category was “Yankees Trivia.”

I decided to go with the “prevent defense” bet.  I bet two-thirds of my points; if I missed and Woo Hoo bet a considerable amount AND missed as well, I could jump them AND Stern Fans.  And if I got the question right, I’d still get ahead of Stern Fans AND get additional raffle tickets.

The final question – “In 1999, David Cone pitched a perfect game on a day when the Yankees honored what Yankee legend?”

Yeah, I scribbled out “Montreal Expos,” I know, I know.  I thought as the question was being asked as to what team David Cone scored his perfect game against.

Hmm… Yankees legend.  Heck, it seems that they honor Yankee legends every year.  Maybe it’s because there’s so many of them.  By the way, “Ed Whitson Appreciation Night” is scheduled for next Thursday.

No idea.  I seemed to remember Joe DiMaggio receiving a big day at Yankee Stadium around this time.  Okay, what the hell.  If it’s Joe D, it’s Joe D.  If it’s not Joe D, I can still have my strategy.

Several teams wrote down Don Mattingly.  Several others said Yogi Berra.  The team in the lead – Nacho Punch – went all in and said Don Larsen.

How poetic it would be if the only man to pitch a perfect game in the World Series was honored on the same day as David Cone threw a perfect game.  You couldn’t script it that well.

Actually, you couldn’t.  Don Larsen was in the stadium that night, but it wasn’t Don Larsen’s night.  It was Yogi Berra’s night.  And the Fist took the win tonight.

As for the Street Academy team?  Climbed to fifth place.  And within striking distance of fourth place, considering that Nacho Punch didn’t gain any points.  And a new team joined the mix, a team called Squirtle.  Their name is a bit longer, but Times Union regulations forbid me from listing any trivia team names that would be considered offensive or vulgar or salacious.

Okay, new totals are listed below.  How did your team do this week?

Graney’s Stout Trivia League Standings
Summer 2016
Week 3 of 12
Trivia Team Week 3
1 Dan 2014: The Danpire Diaries 95 399
2 The Fist 140 340
3 Woo Hoo a Go Go 110 270
4 Nacho Punch 0 224
5 Street Academy 22 173
6 Stern Fans 166
7 Team Bob 96
8 Team Minority Report 84
9 Team Squirtle 60 60
10 The Dude Abides 60
11 Team Eleven 48
12 You’re the Kilt to My Bagpipes 42
13 The Flying Brains ?? ??

Three weeks down … nine weeks to go.