Results from the Washington State Fair Photo Contest, 2016

Competition Season 2016 has been a mixed bag for me.  With only a few photo competitions left this year, I’ve had a photo year that’s been, shall we say, less than ideal.

Maybe the results from the Washington State Fair will change that.

Last July, I entered several photos in that State Fair’s digital photo competition.  My entries were a mixture of legacy and current photos, and I hoped that at least one or two of them might break through and claim an award in the event.

And yesterday, I received word that out of the eleven pictures I entered…

One made it through and will be displayed.

The picture that made it through to the Washington State Fair’s Northwest International Exhibition of Photography was…

This one.

Poestenkill Cascade.  Nikon D700, Nikkor E-series 28mm f/2.8 lens, 10-second exposure with Hoya ND400 filter. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Well, well, well.  One of my legacy pictures broke through and earned another appearance.

The photo did not earn any silks in this competition, but it is being displayed as part of the digital photo salon there.  Poestenkill Cascade‘s legacy does contain an appearance at the New York State Fair and at the Altamont Fair, and it did earn a blue ribbon at the Big E in 2012.

Man, I remember when I shot that picture.  It was one of my first experiences with a neutral-density filter, which blurs waterflow into glass.  I remember climbing all the way to the base of the Mt. Ida Falls in Troy, just to get this picture.  I can’t climb down to that area any more; that area is now fenced off to prevent vandalism, and my ankles are completely shot from the onset of diabetic neuropathy.  In other words, I have to pick my photo battles where I can.

Another pickup for Poestenkill Cascade.  I’m really proud of that little picture.  Four years after I took it, it still gets some love from the judges.

In fact, I’m very tempted to put this picture in Competition Season 2017, just to see if it can still garner some more love.

We shall see…