Week 9 of the 2016 Graney’s Stout Summer Trivia League

Resolved.  I need to break my routine.  I can’t keep going home from a trivia league game with zero points.  I have to do better.

And this week, I did.  Mostly thanks to a new team that showed up at Graney’s Stout – and basically violated the tenets of tavern trivia.

Let me explain.

As the first question was read, “What branch of the military once had a commercial that said ‘it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure’?” a team of happy-hour devotees who had already enjoyed a late afternoon get-together blurted out, “The Army!”

Luckily, I knew it wasn’t the Army, and wrote down Navy as the correct answer.  Two points for me.

The next question the host asked – “What New York State city is the home town of Ryan Lochte?” one of those happy-hours devotees blurted out, “He’s from Rochester!”

I didn’t know the answer, but thank you very much for saying that loud enough for me to write it down as a guess.  Four points for me.

And we’re off.  I stayed at the lead through most of the night, nailing questions like the city that hosted the 1968 Democratic National Convention (Chicago), the female athlete who was on the 2011 edition of Dancing With The Stars (Hope Solo), and I swept the quadruple bonus – which was, believe it or not, the four films in which Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor co-starred.

As I walked back to my table with 32 additional points in my pocket, Matt from Woo Hoo a Go Go groused about how he had read my blog the other day – in which I mentioned all four Pryor-Wilder films – and forgot three of them.  Aww…

The final question’s coming up.  I’m in a three-way tie with Stern Fans and those happy-hour devotees, who somehow knew John Legend’s last name (Stevens), when Stern Fans and I both skipped it.

I’ve got 118 points.  I can’t screw this up again.

Final category is “Postage.”

I could bet it all.  But I need to not finish the night again with zero points.  I bet 18 of my 118.

“In what decade did it first cost ten cents to mail a first-class letter in the United States?”

I think I know this.  Yeah.  They started printing letter-denominated stamps, because there wasn’t enough time to print single-stamp postage of ten cents or more… and that was in the 1970’s.

I wrote down 1970’s and handed in my slip.

Nacho Punch also wrote down 1970’s and handed in their slip.  As is their wont, they bet it all.

And the happy-hour devotees?  They bet everything … they said the 1970’s … and were disqualified.

The host caught one of the happy-hour devotees using her cell phone to check the final answer before the slip was brought up.  Automatic DQ.

The answer, of course, was the 1970’s.

And although Nacho Punch won the night with 160 points, I finished in second place with 136 … and although I didn’t make it back above the cut line, I didn’t fall further away from it, either.

So I’ll certainly take that.

How did your trivia team do this week?

Graney’s Stout Trivia League Standings
Summer 2016
Week 9 of 12
Trivia Team Week 9
1 Dan 2014: Dan-tourage 62 1246
2 Woo Hoo a Go Go 98 1062
3 The Fist 30 961
4 Nacho Punch 160 750
5 Street Academy 136 639
6 Stern Fans  116 554
7 Team Squirtle  130 542

Nine weeks down … only three weeks to go.