Idiot cosplayers wear flaming 9/11 Twin Towers costumes

We all know where we were on that horrible Tuesday in 2001.  We saw the aftermath of the planes crashing into the tallest structures of the World Trade Center, into the wall of the Pentagon, into a field in western Pennsylvania.  We mourn the death of the innocent, we champion the bravery of the flight crew, and we curse the existence of the terrorists and their leader who caused the murder of 3,000 men, women and children.

And then … there are these two dimbulbs.

And believe me, calling these two dimbulbs “dimbulbs” is an insult to actual dimbulbs.

Two cosplayers attending the annual DragonCon convention in Atlanta decided to dress up as two flaming, burning towers.  Their “costumes,” to use the term loosely, were decorated with red and orange crepe paper and dangling Barbie dolls, as if the dolls had jumped from the burning buildings to their death.

No, I am not making this up.  Here’s a tweet from one of the DragonCon conventioneers who saw the cosplayers and snapped a photo of same.



This is not only disgusting, it is offensive, reprehensible and sick.

At first glance, I’m thinking that these two chisel-brains either were trolling DragonCon with these costumes, essentially trying to get a cheap reaction out of conventioneers – or they were just complete and utterly miserable, horrible people.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the organizers of DragonCon, once they found out about the 9/11 cosplay duo, quickly searched for them in an effort to escort them out of the convention.  But by then, the cosplayers had disappeared.

Another photo of these sickos.


Some reports have circulated that the couple might not have been portraying the Twin Towers, but instead were dressed to resemble a 1990’s video game called Rampage.  No.  One of the DragonCon conventioneers confronted the duo, who told him that yes, indeed, they were cosplaying as World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2.

And the minute DragonCon officials discovered that these clowns were on the scene… they immediately went into action.  This from

“We became aware of these individuals in the evening and dispatched both Dragon Con and hotel security to find them, pull their badges, and escort them from the property for violating convention policies. They had apparently left the Dragon Con convention area shortly after the photographs were taken. Based on other photographs we have seen, we do not believe that these individuals were members of Dragon Con, meaning that they had not purchased badges that would have allowed them to enter the convention.”

Stupid.  Utterly, unfathomably, unconscionably stupid.  I’m surprised they didn’t have a third guy dressed up as the side of the Pentagon, just to complete the total effect.

This coming Sunday marks fifteen years since the day of that tragic and horrible morning.  The fact that these two piles of manure think that dressing up as burning buildings would be considered entertaining or creative…

It just makes me want to puke.