Best of our TU Independent Blogs, September 22, 2016: Ten for Thursday

So last week I promised something new and different to this weekly wrap-up of the TU’s best independent and community blogwriters.

First, let’s get started with ten blog posts you should read from the past seven days of the TU’s blog team.

  1. Rev. Sam Trumbore’s blog, “The Occupy Movement: Five Years Later.(Read this first.)
  2. Frank Robinson’s “Rational Optimist” blog, “Ban the box?
  3. Gina Peca’s blog, “My mosaic of a heart.
  4. Roger Green’s “Information Without the Bun” blog, “Buy pizza 9/22, help Albany Public Library Foundation.(Hey, that’s today!)
  5. Heather Fazio’s blog, “You don’t belong where you are, obviously.
  6. Lale Davidson’s “Out of the Ordinary” blog, “Donald and Hillary: no comparison.
  7. Jessica Winans’ blog, “Donald Trump: Profiling isn’t heroic it’s ignorant.
  8. Rob Hoffman’s “Hoffman Files” blog, “The doctor will see you now.
  9. Nina Marinello’s blog, “Thank you sister.
  10. Hadeer Nagah’s “Muslim Women” blog, “Hajj Gifts.

So what’s the big news?

Well, after much consideration and reflection…

I’ve decided to add, at least for the next few months as a tryout phase…

Five blog posts written by the TU’s cadre of high school and collegiate bloggers.

Yep.  There’s a great crew of up-and-coming bloggers whose voices should be heard, and I didn’t want their posts getting lost among all the other posts.  So I’m going to try this.  After the regular blog roundup, I’ll find and highlight five really good student posts.

And this week’s student blog crew wrapup includes:

  1. Gabi Turi (Boston University), “Kayaking for Meso.
  2. Graciana Cox (Scotia-Glenville HS), “Addicted … to the internet?
  3. Sarah Fielding in the college blog, “Senior Year.
  4. Rachell Coppolo (Middleburgh HS), “The cost of black gold.
  5. Sydney Rottman (Guilderland HS), “Stop the passive-aggressive behavior on social media.

So what do you think?  Are you okay with a separate list for the college and high school bloggers, or would you like them integrated into the listing with the independent and community blogs?  And what do you think of these young scribes?

Anyways, enjoy the blogs this morning and have a great day!!