Week 13 of the Graney’s Stout Summer Trivia League

This is it.  The final week.

The top four teams, in terms of cumulative aggregate point totals, will receive prize money.

After several weeks of being stuck in fifth place, I clawed my way up to fourth place, with a scant 29-point lead over the trivia team Nacho Punch.

As for the other teams, Dan 2014 and Woo Hoo a Go Go had enough points to finish in first and second place for the tournament, with The Fist holding on to third place.  But the Fist was only 148 points ahead of me – and if there was a chance for me to make up 148 points, then let’s see if it can happen.

First round.  I knew that the body organ that produces insulin is the pancreas (man, first time I was ever glad to be a diabetic), that a “sawbuck” is a $10 bill, and I skipped the height of the Green Monster in Fenway Park (37 feet or so).

The second round was stronger, I knew the two artists who had albums called “Stripped” (the Rolling Stones in 1995, Christina Aguilera a few years later), and successfully passed on a “what actor died in 2010 at the age of 74” question (yeah, like I could have figured out Dennis Hopper from that clue).

By halftime, The fist only had a 114-point lead on me, while Nacho Punch had drifted slightly behind at 35 total points.

Things got better.  I nailed the quadruple bonus – who was President of the United States in 1970, 1950, 1930 and 1910 (Nixon, Truman, Hoover, Taft), and knowing the name of the actress from Titanic who died at the age of 100 (Gloria Stuart) gave me the lead for the night.  I was getting closer to the Fist, and pulling away from Nacho Punch.

Jeez, this sounds like I was in the ring with Roberto Duran.

By the final question, the Fist had a cumulative total of 1175 points, Street Academy had 1065, and Nacho Punch had 1034.  For the night, the Fist had 62, Nacho Punch had 98, and I had 110.

The final category is “fast food.”

Great.  I’ve eaten enough of it in my lifetime…

But how to bet this?  I need to bet every point I have just to tie the Fist, and even then the Fist could bet one point, get the answer right, and lock third place.  And if I get the answer wrong, I have to hope that Nacho Punch got it wrong as well, or they’ll leapfrog me in the standings, take fourth place, and I’ll go home with no prize money.

You know what?  No guts, no glory.  Bet all 110 points.  Up goes the slip.

“What fast food restaurant started in 1978 in Denver, under the name ‘Sandwich World’?”

Oh no.

Okay, Chuck, think this through.  Fast food sandwich place.  What are the options?  Subway.  Blimpie.  Quizno’s.  Firehouse.  DiBella’s.  Mr. Subb.

I already know that it can’t be Subway; that started twenty years earlier in New England.  So what’s left?  Firehouse?  DiBella’s?  No.  Mr. Subb is a local chain.

That leaves Blimpie and Quizno’s.

Deep breath.  Quizno’s written on the slip.

And as the answers came in…

Team Squirtle wrote down Blimpie.

A few teams wrote down Quizno’s, including Dan 2014 and Woo Hoo a Go Go.

Nacho Punch bet all their points, and said … Subway.

Please don’t let it be Subway.  Please please please for the love of five dollar footlongs, please don’t let it be Subway.

The answer – was Quizno’s.

I finished in the Top 4!

But what about the trivia team known as The Fist?  The 2016 Trivia Bowl champions, what did they say and how much did they bet?

They bet nothing.  Not a single point.  Which meant that…

The team that finished in first place in the 2016 Graney’s Stout Summer Trivia League was Dan 2014.  Woo Hoo a Go Go claimed second place, while the third place finisher was – a tie between the Fist and Street Academy.  The third and fourth place prize monies were split between the two teams, and I walked out of Graney’s Stout with $75 in my pocket.

Not bad for thirteen weeks of trivia and wings and diet colas…

It was definitely a good trivia series, and next Wednesday it starts all over again.

Good luck to all.

I’ll be there.

Hope you’ll be there too.