And here I am at the Trask, 2016…

And here we are.  Thursday night at the old Canfield Casino in Congress Park in Saratoga Springs.  And three of my artworks – Vivaldi’s Pond, Backstretch and Dream Window 17: An Adirondack Reflection – are on display, along with the paintings, photographs and sculptures of three dozen other talented Capital District artists.

Welcome to the Saratoga Springs Preservation Society’s 2016 Trask Art Show and Sale, where the proceeds generated from the sale of these artworks will benefit preservation efforts in the area.

Last year, three of my pieces found new homes – one was bought at a preview before the show even started, while the other two were claimed later in the evening.  So let’s hope that my lenticular image-changing photo, my infrared shot of the Saratoga Race Course paddock pathway, and my Dream Window of the South Corinth reservoir will find new homes and new appreciative buyers.

And I thought to myself.  How far have I come in this artistic world… ten years ago I wouldn’t have known the front end of a camera from the back, now I’m taking award-winning photographs.  Five years ago, I wouldn’t have thought of bashing out an old window and turning it into artwork; this year my eighteenth Dream Window claimed an elusive first prize silk at Altamont.  Who knows what next year might bring.  Not me.  But the journey is still fun to follow.

I arrived at the Canfield Casino, signed in, received my identification badge, and immediately started looking for my artworks.  And right off the bat, I found Vivaldi’s Pond

Vivaldi's Pond has some lookers...
Vivaldi’s Pond has some lookers…

Okay.  There’s that.  Now let’s find the other two.

Dream Window 17: An Adirondack Reflection was at the other end of the casino, but I was able to find it without trouble.

Hi there Dream Window...
Hi there Dream Window…

But my third piece, Backstretch, wasn’t around.  I went through the Casino, I went through the grand hall, couldn’t find it.  Hmm.  Maybe I’m not looking in the right spot.

And then, just when I thought I wouldn’t find Backstretch, not only did I find it…

It had a bid on the bid sheet!
It had a bid on the bid sheet!

Someone bid on Backstretch!  Nice!!

And later, a second bid.  And a third.  Backstretch has a bidding war!

But as the night progressed, my other two artworks received lots of attention – and lots of “how the heck did he do that” questions (which I tried to answer as best as possible)…

Although they received attention, they didn’t receive bids.

And as the night progressed, I began to worry.  Come on, someone give me a bid.  Someone take a chance on a piece.  It’s for charity.

And in the end… Backstretch sold, while the Dream Window and Vivaldi’s Pond didn’t.  Although I am pleased that my shot of the Saratoga Race Course “Man O’ War Way” helped raise money to preserve the Saratoga Springs Preservation Society’s goals and efforts…

I’m bummed that my other two artworks went unsold.

Oh well…

I’ll still enter new pieces in the Trask in 2017.  It was an amazing night, and there were plenty of artistic creations that were sold that evening.  That’s a positive on many levels.

And maybe last night, the art buying community’s wallets and purses were tightly sewn shut.  It happens.  It’s not a fun feeling to know this … but yeah, it happens.

It just means that, for me, Dream Window 17: An Adirondack Reflection and Vivaldi’s Pond are still available for other charitable endeavors, art shows, gallery exposures and whatnot.

Gotta keep positive on things.

Maybe next time things will be better.

Maybe they will.