Canada thinks we’re pretty cool …

So you’re still sloughing through this political malaise.  You’re feeling down and low, you’re feeling blue.

And you need a pep talk to make you feel better.

Trust me.  We just got a pep talk.

From our neighbors to the North.

And it’s not the first time they’ve picked us up when we’ve been on the ground.

This video, produced by a Canadian grass-roots advertising collective called Let’s Tell America It’s Great, features several Canadians talking about what they like about the United States, as well as the things we should be proud of.  Here’s the video.  And it’s quite cool in and of itself.


Makes me want to get some Timbits and poutine with some CTM money.

Anyways … this isn’t the first time the Dominion of Canada has pepped us up.

Way back in the mid-1970’s, Canadian broadcaster and commentator Gordon Sinclair was upset with news reports about how other countries treated the United States after the USA offered to help nations in need, but that those countries would not offer need when Americans were in desperate situations.  Sinclair’s opinion and commentary was later recorded and set to patriotic music, and as the song “The Americans (A Canadian’s Opinion),” it hit the American Top 40.

Here’s Sinclair’s original iteration…

Now here’s the commentary, with “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” as background music.

So yeah, that’s cool.

So just think about this … no matter what kind of hellstorm we’re going through right now, just remember there will always be some Canadian organization that will tell us we’re actually a pretty decent country.

And as long as we understand that Canada isn’t the 51st state… well, there’s a video for that, as well.