Week 3 of the 2016 Graney’s Stout Fall Trivia League

Let’s fix a couple of things.

First off, I mis-labeled one of the teams, who just changed their name to “New Phone Who Dis?”  Apparently it’s a reference to a sketch from the FXX comedy series You’re The Worst, which I tried to watch for a few episodes and just gave up.  Wasn’t as funny for me as everyone else claimed.

Also, to address the listing of questions here – I don’t want to list every single question that was asked last night, in that some trivia hosts in the Trivia Nights Live network use those questions on other nights.  Two or three listed here – that’s not a problem.  Listing all the questions – I’ll save that for the championship tournaments like Trivia Bowl or Summer Bowl.

I will, however, note that among the correct answers I did claim were the highest prime number that was lower than 100 (97), the 92-year-old filmmaker of ski and snow documentaries (Warren Miller), and the cosmetic product whose lipstick “loves you back” (Burt’s Bees).

Unfortunately, I didn’t know what character passed out at 31 flavors (someday I have to watch this Ferris Bueller movie), and I skipped knowing the country who had an earthquake in 2013 (I almost doubled down and said Japan and Haiti, good thing I skipped, it was the Philippines).

Final question was “Fast Food.”

“What fast food chain founder was born in California in 1927 and died in 2010?”

I had only bet a few points, deciding to keep as many raffle tickets (1 ticket per ten points) as I could glean.  I said Dave Thomas of Wendy’s.  Most other teams said Taco Bell.

The correct answer was Taco Bell.

So although the top two teams in the competition – The Fist and Team Petunia – were not in the building, two other teams leapfrogged me in the standings, so I ended up stuck in fifth place.  No worries.  I’ll get ’em next week.  Or the week after.

So anyways, here’s the leader board.  The top four teams will receive money at the end of the tournament, so hopefully your team did well this week.

  1. New Phone Who Dis? – 348 points
  2. Dan 2016: The Dan with the Golden Gun – 305 points
  3. Woo Hoo a Go Go – 222 points
  4. The Fist – 222 points
  5. Street Academy – 206 points
  6. Team Petunia – 200 points
  7. Nacho Punch – 200 points
  8. Stern Fans – 176 points
  9. Al’s Pals – 40 points
  10. Miguel Hunt – 23 points

Three weeks down, nine weeks to go.

See you next week.