Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the Gregory Brothers

I need a seriously solid smile right now.  This political campaign has essentially created a large sucking sound, and it just does not seem to end.

Thankfully, last night I saw a true beacon of hope in this morass of political sludge.

Let me introduce you to the Gregory Brothers.

The Gregory Brothers have “songified” various speeches and political campaigns on their YouTube homepage.  You might have heard of their previous success; they’re the ones behind the song that turned the “Bed Intruder” video clip into a viral sensation.

So they took all of the 2016 Presidential and Vice Presidential debates – and “songified” them.

Example.  The first debate, with special moderators Deborah Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie.  That’s right, Blondie.

Wow.  Okay, it’s not “Heart of Glass” or “The Tide Is High,” but it’s not “Island of Lost Souls,” either.

Combine that with the Vice-Presidential Debate, where the Gregory Brothers found a way to get Tim Kaine and Mike Pence to get down and get funky.

The second Clinton-Trump debate really went for some classic 1970’s groove, featuring guest moderator Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

But it was the third debate that really caught my attention.

Because in this third debate, the Gregory Brothers brought out, as moderator, the one, the only,

“Weird Al” Yankovic!

If you like these parodies, then may I recommend you consider donating to the Gregory Brothers’ Patreon account for more of these fun satires.

Fun, fun stuff.