Who wants some eyebleach?

So I’ve had a rough couple of days, which culminated yesterday in a hospital visit.  Thankfully, I received some medicine to get better, but still… it’s been rough.

And there’s so much crap about the 2016 Presidential election… at this point, choosing between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is like my wanting to pull out my molar or my incisor with that ancient dental tool of a pair of rusty vise-grips.

So there are times when I need something to make me smile.  Something to make me laugh, something to get my spirits back on the right alignment.

These are the moments when I hope God will catch me if I fall – and hope that he doesn’t have the sun in his eyes at that moment.

So hopefully if I share some of these clips with you, they will make you smile and help you get through the drearies.

I hope.  I really do hope.

Sometimes humor can be found in the genius of silent cinema.  Such can be found in the humor of Buster Keaton.  Just watch these clips and try to keep a straight face.  If you could, you would be Buster Keaton himself, who never smiled in his pictures, but tried to make everybody else laugh.

I’ve also given a smile or three to the vintage “Sand Dance” movie clip from the vaudeville team of Wilson, Keppel and Betty.  This clip takes a few moments to get started, but you’ll be smiling before long.

If you appreciate some British humor – or, to be more precise, humour – let me offer a sketch by the Two Ronnies – Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett.  Funny, funny stuff.  This is one of their classic bits, the “Fork Handles” sketch.

Sometimes I need a blast of Dr. Demento-style demented audiophonics.  Last weekend, while I was attending a friend’s going-away party, several people brought out their decks of Magic: The Gathering and started playing.  I didn’t understand what was going on with the game – if this was a game of contract bridge, I would be the kibbutzer – but the minute one of the players picked up a multisided die, I made the off-the-cuff comment, “Hey, roll the dice to see if I’m getting drunk.”  And suddenly, they all recognized the reference, someone pulled up this YouTube clip on their laptop, and we all had a good laugh at the classic Dungeons and Dragons “Dead Alewives” comedy bit.

Look, it was either this or show that Leeroy Jenkins clip again.

Maybe I need to watch some baseball hijinks.  You know, where the ball bounces around the outfield and the baserunner suddenly thinks they’re in T-Ball and can’t remember which direction to run…

Yeah.  This Ruben Rivera clip works every time.

And there’s this recent addition to my collection of eyebleach – radio announcer Kevin Harlan giving an exciting play-by-play description of a spectator who decided to crash a football game and run around the field like a damn fool.

Yeah, sometimes I need these moments.  Visual and audiophonic eyebleach.

They’re good for getting you through the worst of times.  Laughter is the best medicine, so sayeth Reader’s Digest.

Get that smile going.

We all could use a smile.

See?  I’m smiling already.

See that smile?  Right there.  Just like a boss.
See that smile? Right there. Just like a boss.