Week 5 of the 2016 Graney’s Stout Fall Trivia League

I should not be here tonight.  My leg still feels like someone injected me with a can of Fix-A-Flat.  Yet while I’m aching, I have to gtet back to some semblance of normalcy.

And “normalcy” means competitive team trivia.

Playing team trivia has gotten me through various humps and valleys in my life, and the ability to reconnect with friends and competitors each week is actually refreshing.  All I need to do is just get through this week, pick up some points, and hold on for another week.  I’m sure I’ll feel better next Wednesday.  Mountain, get out of my way.

The questions were pretty good this week, I was able to name three of the last four World Series opponents for the Cleveland Indians (Florida Marlins, Atlanta Braves, Boston Braves), but I said Brooklyn Dodgers for the fourth when it was the New York Giants in 1954.  Also picked up points for naming the first 3-D monster movie from 1953 (the Creature from the Black Lagoon), and the Broadway play that has four sections – spring, summer, winter and fall (gee, might that be Jersey Boys?).  Whiffed on a 10-pointer about the country directly south of Egypt (thought it might be Syria, was in fact Sudan).

But in the end, I had 104 points going into the final question.  “Foreign Cars on American Soil.”

Yeah, I’m not going to wager anything.  Let this one pass, and I’ll keep my points.

“In 1982, what Japanese auto manufacturer became the first to make cars in America?”

Woah.  Good thing I skipped this one.  Because I didn’t know if it was Toyota, Nissan, Honda or Mitsubishi.

Some teams did get it right – Honda – including Nacho Punch, who actually pole-vaulted over me to claim fifth place in the overall standings.  Yeah, I’m down to sixth place, but – and this is an important but – the point totals between first and sixth are getting tighter and tighter.  And although the current point leaders – New Phone Who Dis – are still atop the leader board, their margin is shrinking faster than a leaking tire.

And believe me, I know where’s there’s s spare can of Fix-A-Flat if that’s the case.

And after five weeks, here are the standings.

  1. New Phone Who Dis – 548
  2. Dan 2016: You Only Dan Twice – 445
  3. The Fist – 445
  4. Woo Hoo a Go Go – 441
  5. Nacho Punch – 428
  6. Street Academy – 396
  7. Miguel Hunt – 291
  8. Stern Fans – 266

Five weeks down, seven weeks to go.