Did the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame get it right? (2017 induction edition)

The inductions for the Class of 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were just announced.  Of the nearly two dozen bands, singers and musicians nominated, six were selected for enshrinement.

Personally, I’m still griping about the omission of the Moody Blues, Boston, Styx, Grand Funk Railroad, New Order and the Skatalites.  Not even on the ballot this year.  Inconceivable.

But the six that made the cut, the six that will be enshrined in the museum in Cleveland, are…


Well it’s about time she got in, she certainly deserved it… there’s so much of her catalog that deserves to be heard.  Great choice for the Rock Hall.


I can live with this, I guess.  I mean, Journey did have some fantastic rock songs, tracks like “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin,'” “Open Arms,” “Any Way You Want It,” “When You Love a Woman,” “Faithfully,” and any other ballad that Steve Perry could hit those soaring falsettos on.  But let’s face it.  They got in because of one track – “Don’t Stop Believing,” which has been so overplayed and over-covered and over-emoted… but if Journey can get in, now there’s hope for other arena-rock bands.  Styx … Boston … Grand Funk Railroad … come on, Rock Hall voters, you know you need to do this…


This I can get behind.  It makes sense.  Pearl Jam’s greatest tracks were so full of energy and emotion and fantastic lyrics and soaring melodies.  “Evenflow.”  “Jeremy.”  “Spin the Black Circle.”  About five thousand bootleg tracks.  Okay, now let’s get Soundgarden on the ballot, shall we?

NILE RODGERS (Musical Excellence Award)

There used to be a rule in the Rock Hall voting, that if you were on the ballot seven times without getting enough votes, you would get in the Hall automatically.  I think that’s how Solomon Burke got through.  Chic was on the ballot ELEVEN times.  Talk about a wait.  And although Chic didn’t get in this year, Chic creator Nile Rodgers did get in the Hall in the “Musical Excellence Award” category.  Sort of like how Stephen Spielberg won that Irving G. Thalberg award when he couldn’t win Best Director for The Color Purple…


I always wondered what the Beatles would sound like if they kept their music in the vein of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  With the Electric Light Orchestra, we kinda got that.  Symphonic rock at its best.  And now that ELO’s in the Rock Hall, maybe it’s time to add some other symphonic rock bands – um … that’s kinda hard, considering there really wasn’t any other band that sounded quite like ELO.


Wait wait wait – an art-rock band made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?  Seriously?  Really?  Honestly?  HELL YEAH!!  FINALLY!!!  Okay, next year … I want the Moody Blues on the ballot, as well as King Crimson, Renaissance, Blodwyn Pig, the Rock Hall door’s open… bust through!


I heard that to celebrate his induction, the hologram of Tupac will perform a new track he wrote last week.  I kid, but … honestly, if you’re going to put Public Enemy in the Rock Hall, then Tupac should join them as well.  And Biggie next year.

So congratulations to the Rock Hall inductees class of 2017.  And hopefully next year some of the groups I feel deserve induction will finally get their due as well.  Although I’m surprised neither the Cars, Kraftwerk nor Depeche Mode got in this year.