Shoes in the snowstorm

Saturday morning.  There’s snow all over the ground.  It’s freezing like anything.

And here I am, looking for any film I can cram into my four-lensed Nimslo camera.  Ah, here’s a pack of old Kodak 400.

See, I’m still battling this feeling that I’ve lost my photography mojo.  The more my broken foot limits my travel and my motivation, the less I want to photograph.  And I can NOT have that happen.

Besides, this old pack of Kodak 400 can just be an “experimental” shot, sort of like a pitcher recovering from arm surgery who throws a “simulated” game before his next official start.

Plus, I had this old ratty pair of sneakers that I didn’t need any more…

And off we go.

I drove to Watervliet, then under a small one-lane bridge to the shore of the Hudson River.  It’s this little parking area near the Schuyler Flatts trail.  I’ve been here before, I’ve photographed my sun-trail Black Starlight years ago at this locale.

Okay, old beat-up hole-infested sneakers… sit here on this park bench.

Take some shots.




Oh, and here’s some news.  Since McGreevy Pro Lab has reduced their developing days to Tuesdays only, I had to find an alternate location where I could get some of my film developed that didn’t involve anything crazy – that is, splitfilm, E-6 slide film, B&W film, 120 film, 127 film … essentially, if it could be bought at a Walgreens, it could be developed at a Walgreens.  Right?

Oh look.  There’s a Walgreens on Holland Avenue that – quel courage – develops C41 35mm film.  In this day and age.  And they do one-hour turnaround.  Dayngo.

I dropped the roll off, and came back one hour later.

The film was complete.  And they followed my directions – they didn’t cut it, they didn’t burn it to a CD, they didn’t make me prints.  I can do all that at home.

Unfortunately, this Kodak 400 film had an expiration date of 2007, and with 10-year-old color print film, you take your chances.  Still, I did get this usable image out of it… scanned it… combined the Nimslo’s four shots into one…

And here’s what I came up with.

Now there’s no way I’m going to enter this in any competition. That “snowstorm” is digital scanning dust and dirt. The film isn’t fresh, and it shows in the exposure. I could have done much better with this.

But what this IS… is a simulated game for me.  Another chance to get myself back into the groove.

Plus, for me, there’s a bit of symbolism.

I’m getting rid of old shoes and the old pains in my foot.

And maybe … just maybe … there’s new trails to blaze in 2017.

Heck, I might even come back here with another pair of old, ratty sneakers in another snowstorm … and recreate this picture with more care and skill.

Sure makes sense…