Help Ryan West Win the #RyFight

Nearly eighteen months ago, I learned that my good friend, bar trivia host Ryan West, was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. He was only 31 years old at the time of the diagnosis.

Ryan’s friends rallied around their stricken comrade, and through all of Ryan’s next months of chemotherapy and treatment, they kept his spirits high and helped him every single day of this new journey.

And although the journey has been difficult – as it would be for anyone – there were moments of brightness and joy.   He married his longtime love Clover, they traveled to far-off and amazing locales, and he received several personal tributes and cheers from a growing rooting section of friends, trivia associates, Ultimate Disc aficionados, and the like.

The journey’s not over.  Every single day that Ryan adds to his timeline and to his lifeline is another day when cancer gets beaten back.  Every day that Ryan lives is another day that cancer loses.

But we know cancer doesn’t completely go away.  And these last few months, according to his blog, have been brutal.  On April 4, his wife Clover posted on Ryan’s blog that his cancer is still growing, and new medications must be taken.

Son of a bitch.  The cancer is fighting back.Still … the journey continues.  The rally continues.  Everything must continue.  And it will.  Both for Ryan and Clover, and for all their friends.  The #RyFight is not over.  Not by any means.

This is a link to a YouCaring page, and I hope that you join me in making a charitable donation to help Ryan continue on his journey.  His friends want Ryan to have the greatest life experiences possible – positive events and motivators to help Ryan’s mind and body fight back against this invasive and pervasive demon called cancer.

We all know someone – a family member, a co-worker, a loved one, a friend – who fought their cancer diagnosis.  Some survived.  Others were valiant in their struggle.  All are loved.

Cancer does not discriminate.  It is soul-less and vicious in its attacks.  And for it to slither its way into the body and soul of a wonderful guy like Ryan West is equal parts horrifying and disgusting.

If you want to read more about Ryan’s valiant battle with stage 4 cancer – in his own words and in the words of his friends and loved ones – I encourage you to visit his blog.

Ryan West’s adventure upon this earth is not complete.  Every day is a new adventure, a new chapter in an amazing book of life.

And I sincerely hope that the book has more chapters and more volumes that have yet to be scribed.