St. Agnes Cemetery and Other Beautiful Sights – new Chuck Miller art show!

Four years ago, I had my first solo photography show at the newly-renovated St. Agnes Cemetery “Living Room” art center.  It was a tremendous success, and many of my framed photos found new homes.

So when St. Agnes Cemetery historian Kelly Grimaldi asked me if I would be interested in having another art show at The Living Room, I immediately said yes.  Of course I did.

Cooney Mordant Grace. Shot with Leica M3 camera, LomoChrome Purple film. (c) Chuck Miller. All rights reserved.

Starting on May 5, 2017, and running until June 30, 2017, my new art show, “St. Agnes Cemetery and Other Beautiful Sights,” will debut at The Living Room on the St. Agnes Cemetery grounds in Menands.  And I hope you will all be able to visit during the show’s month-long run.

This is a two-part show – the first part features photos and images of the pastoral burial grounds as captured over the years by my various film and digital cameras.  Many of the pictures were caught in the past twelve months, as part of my personal ‘Goin’ Fishin’ excursions – I would take my camera gear and photograph the various landmarks and walkways that make up the final resting place of Albany’s citizenry and populace.

Masterton. Leica M3 camera, Delta Ilford film. (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

And rather than just capture a tombstone here or a floral arrangement there, I used different photography techniques, including various films and cameras, to bring out the beauty and dignity and sorrow and repose of this century-old resting place.

Included in the various artworks offered for the event will be such photos as Cooney Mordant Grace, a monument photo I captured using tinted LomoChrome Purple film; Masterton, a photo where I captured a stunning silhouette of one monument upon another; Farrell, an awesome Infrared capture of some of the foliage adjoining the markers; and Flora, a lenticular print that shows a tragic stone for a 12-year-old girl … with the breathtaking fall foliage in the distance.

Flora. Nimslo camera, Kodak Ektar 100 film. (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.
Farrell. Minolta 370s camera, Kodak HIE Infrared film with Hoya R72 filter. (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

I should also note that several of these images  are also set for an upcoming art book on the beauty and majesty of St. Agnes Cemetery throughout the years.  That’s also cool as well.

And as for the second part of the art show … the “Other Beautiful Sights” part … these will include framed photos and artworks of my other photographic excursions.  Some of them have won awards in the past – including my lenticular print Vivaldi’s Pond, my star-shot The Heavens Above, The Forest Below, a Dream Window (Dream Window 16: An Adirondack Reflection), and even a few Giclée “inkjet on canvas” images of everything from the Boreas Ponds in the Adirondacks, to the sunrise on a Florida beach.

Boreas Ponds. BlackBerry PRIV camera phone, image on Giclée print. (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

I really hope you are able to attend the show during its run, and maybe even purchase an art piece or three.  The show begins on May 5, and runs until June 30, 2017.