K-Chuck Radio: Saturday morning rock and roll!

Listen.  I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons.  The routine was simple.  Sneak into the living room.  Grab a bowl of Froot Loops or Alpha-Bits and watch, watch, watch until some parental authority came in, turned off the television and yelled at me to go outside and play, to get some fresh air and not sit in front of the idiot box.

Ah, 1970’s parenting skills.

But over the years, I’ve noticed something really intriguing – at one time or another, several rock bands have added a Saturday morning TV theme to their catalog.  Sometimes it’s part of a tie-in with a movie, other times it’s associated with a charity fundraiser.  I don’t care how it’s created … all I care about is that it’s fun.

So let’s start this episode of K-Chuck Radio with …

THE BC-52’s
Meet The Flintstones

Hey wait a second … is that Fred Schneider?  Is that Kate Pierson?  Yeah, it really IS the B-52’s!!  Surprisingly, we never got to hear the group’s follow-up track, “Bedrock Lobster.”  Ha.

The Banana Splits Theme (One Banana, Two Banana)

The Dickies’ 15 seconds of fame came with an international cover version of the Moody Blues’ “Nights in White Satin,” performed at super-kinetic speed.  And of course, they had to pop this one out at rocket-fast speed as well.


This is absolutely classic.   You ever get the feeling that Joey Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone looked at each other when they thought about covering this track, and said, “Hell yeah let’s cover this track.”  Yeah.  I think so, too…


Nothing like hearing a punk rock band like Helmet tearing through a 60’s anime theme.  Damn.


This is probably the only bright spot in the 1970 big-screen version of the Saturday morning kids’ show H.R. Pufnstuf.  It’s a great track, and if you can shave off the rest of the movie – and get Cass Elliot to lose the witch makeup – yeah, this would have been a Top 10 hit, stone cold.

Go Speed Racer Go

My favorite 1960’s anime of all time – OF ALL TIME – was Speed Racer.  And with that in mind, the rock band Sponge did a pretty decent turn on the classic Speed Racer theme.

I’m Popeye The Sailor Man

Somewhere in that dark night, Gilbert and Sullivan are still wondering how in the world their Pirates of Penzance song “I Am the Pirate King” became a cartoon theme song staple.  Even so, it sounds a helluva lot more fun as a punk rock track, don’t it?  Amirite?

Hong Kong Phooey

How did these guys get wound into this little project?  I may have to look this up in my Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu…

Three Is A Magic Number

From the LP “Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks,” here’s Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon doing their interpretation of the classic Multiplication Rock track.  Trivia note: “Three Is A Magic Number” was the very first Multiplication Rock track ever aired.

Batman Theme

Amidst the 30 or so fantastic Jam tracks from this band who DESERVE to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – DO NOT ARGUE WITH ME ON THIS – was this quick one-off riff on the old Neal Hefti 1960’s Batman theme.

All right, now that I’ve had my five bowls of Froot Loops and watched at least four hours of Saturday morning cartoons, it’s time to go outside and get some fresh air.  And you should too! 😀