Week 4 of the Graney’s Stout Spring Trivia League

Before I start this trivia recap, I need to take a moment.

I wouldn’t be playing competitive team trivia on Wednesdays had I not participated in all those Brown’s Brewing trivia matches of long ago.  Those Wednesday nights were lots of fun, and the fun was surely increased by trivia host Ryan West.  Over the past eighteen months, Ryan battled Stage 4 cancer, and fought valiantly to the end.  God bless you, Ryan West, and thoughts and prayers to all who knew him.  #RyFight

Last night, I tried little things to change my luck and achieve a better trivia result.  I sat at a different table.  I ordered boneless wings as opposed to my usual chicken wing fare.  And I decided that this week I would go for broke on the final question, whether I had 200 points or two points.  I just needed to change my mojo.

The early questions caught me off-guard – there were a couple of “identify the corporate logo” questions that stumped me (I’m supposed to know that the letter “V” stands for Callaway Golf?  Really?  Do I look like Rory McIlroy?), and I struggled with the “huddle” question – name the five U.S. Presidents with the highest overall Gallup Poll ratings (I did get Kennedy and Eisenhower, but apparently Obama’s rating wasn’t as high as Bill Clinton’s or George HW Bush’s).

The next few rounds were less painful, and one question – a ten-pointer – almost threw me.  “Although Billy Joel grew up in Long Island, he was born in what New York City borough?”

I figured he would be a Queens kind of guy … or maybe Brooklyn … or the Bronx, since he has performed at Yankee Stadium from time to time.  Okay.  I’ve got that double-chance option, where I can write down two answers – if I’m right, I win the points.  If I’m wrong … I lose twice the points.

Screw it.  I went with Queens and the Bronx.  Billy Joel’s the antithesis of a Brooklyn hipster.  Now watch, he’ll probably be born in Staten Island or something.

Nope.  Billy Joel was a Bronx baby.  Ten points for Street Academy!

By the time the final question arrived, I had accumulated 100 points – tied for second with Nacho Punch – with Dan 2017 nine points ahead.  The final category was “Cable TV.”

Okay, what did I promise myself?  Go for it, whether you have two points or two hundred.  Well, I have one hundred, so I went with what I had.  All the chips in the pot.

“What NBC-owned cable channel was originally known as the Madison Square Garden Network from 1977 to 1980”?

Seriously?  I know this cold.  This was the station where I could watch live pro wrestling from Madison Square Garden right from my living room.

And yes … I knew it was the USA Network.  But what i didn’t know … was whether Nacho Punch bet it all and said USA Network as well… or whether Dan 2017 did the same.

Some of the teams wrote down the SNY channel, New York 1, or Bravo.  The correct answer was indeed the USA Network.  And Nacho Punch did what they normally do – bet it all, win or lose – and they got the answer right as well.  So we’re both tied at 200.

What did Dan 2017 do?  They bet 92 points, which would have been enough to lock both of us out – except they wrote that the cable channel was Bravo.

So three playoff points for Nacho Punch – and three playoff points for Street Academy!  Aces!  And twenty raffle tickets as well!  By the way, Woo Hoo a Go Go also wrote the USA Network, they came in third and picked up a playoff point as well.

Now normally the winning team also receives a pitcher of beer and a pizza for next week.  I talked with the captain of Nacho Punch – we agreed that Nacho Punch could have the beer, and I’d get the pizza.  Win all around.

So here’s the new point totals after four weeks of the game.

Week 4 of the Graney’s Stout Spring Trivia League  Starter Points for Final Game
Dan 2017: The Next Generation 6
Street Academy 6
Woo Hoo a Go Go 4
New Phone, Who Dis? 4
The Fist 3
Nacho Punch  3

Four weeks down, eight weeks to go until the final game on June 28.