Week 9 of the Graney’s Stout 2017 Spring Trivia League

Talk about a rough night at trivia.  Last night, every time I got a decent run put together, I ended up collapsing on a tough question and losing all my momentum.  Urgh.

Take, for example … an eight-point question regarding who won the last NBA Finals that did not involve LeBron James.  I went with my double-play option, thinking it had to be either the Spurs or the Mavericks.  Nopes.  It was the LA Lakers.  16 points down the drain for blowing a double-chance.  Ugh.

Then I’d build up my points again … and in the picture round, which asked teams to identify breeds of dogs, I misidentified what I thought was a pug as a French Bulldog.  There’s another 10 points in the crapper.

By the end of the night, I was limping in sixth place and feeling the urge to “Bob Saget” the game.

Let me explain the reference.

Years ago, there used to be a trivia team called Clay Aiken’s Skidmarks.  Yes, I can now use their full trivia team name, I couldn’t do that at the old blog because someone at Big Hearst had an issue with the team name being vulgar.  So anyway, after the Skids drank through the entire night and were headed into the final question with only a few points, they would often bet it all and write down “Bob Saget” as the final answer.  It didn’t matter what the question was, they thought that the answer “Bob Saget” was funny.  Especially when they were hammered.

Of course, a few years ago they sobered up, and actually took a Trivia Bowl championship.  But every now and again, they’d write down “Bob Saget” as an “I don’t give a crap, we’re drunk and we’re having fun” answer.

The final category – weather disasters.

Shaft it.  Bet all my points and hope for the best.

“What Massachusetts city suffered through a tornado in 2011 which killed three people?”

Damn it, I know this.  I remember because there were fundraisers that year all around the Big E for the local families who were affected by the tornado.

And the tornado tore through Springfield.

I wrote down Springfield and doubled my points.

And went from sixth place to fourth in the night – Dan 2017 had Springfield as the correct answer, but bet a safe bet, while Woo Hoo a Go Go thought the tornado tore through Worcester.  Trust me, if a tornado went through Worcester, it would probably clean the city for the first time in forever.

My final answer wasn’t enough to claim playoff points – New Phone Who Dis took the win, while the Fist and Nacho Punch rounded out the top three – but I did receive twelve raffle tickets, one for every ten points earned.

For that, I’ll call it a victory and hope to build on things next week.

So here’s the new point totals after nine weeks of the game.

Week 9 of the Graney’s Stout Spring Trivia League  Starter Points for Final Game
Dan 2017: The Next Generation 14
The Fist 12
New Phone, Who Dis 12
Nacho Punch 9
Street Academy 6
Woo Hoo a Go Go 5

Nine weeks down, three weeks to go until the final game on June 28.