Verizon’s gonna hate me … like they don’t already…

There’s two significant reasons why Verizon hates me.  The first is that I’m one of the last subscribers to sign up for the original “lifetime unlimited data” plan, and no matter how many times they’ve tried, they can’t get me to walk away from it.  Nyah.

The second reason is that I am not interested in getting an iPhone or a Galaxy phone, the two phones that Verizon is hell-bent on shoving down everybody’s throats.  See, Chuck is (and will always be) a BlackBerry user. Seven out of the last eight cell phones I’ve owned in my life have been BlackBerry products, including the last two – the BlackBerry Q10 and my current cell phone of record, the BlackBerry PRIV.

And if you’re saying, “Geez, Chuck, they still make BlackBerry phones?” I say to you, yes they do still make phones and you should be ashamed of engaging in such vulgarities.

Now granted, I still love my PRIV and don’t have any plans on getting rid of it.

That was … until BlackBerry debuted a brand new phone for 2017.

Say hello to the BlackBerry KEYone.

The newest phone in the BB legacy has the physical keyboard, as well as a touch-sensitive screen.  It runs on an Android hierarchy, and contains a fingerprint sensor for extra-special added security.

Granted, BlackBerry doesn’t make BlackBerry phones any more – the actual construction is by a company called TCL Communications – but the phone still feels like and works like the BlackBerry I’ve come to know and love.

And get this … I can buy the KEYone outright, unlocked, and ready to use on Verizon’s network.

And the Red Check crew can’t do a damn thing about it except transfer my old phone number to my new phone.  Nyah nyah nyah.

See, both Best Buy and Amazon offer the BlakcBerry KEYone for direct, unlocked purchase in both GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile) and CDMA (Verizon) formats.  The CDMA / Verizon version quickly sold out, and there’s a two-month waitlist on Amazon for a new one.

Now mind you, I’m not ready to give up my PRIV.  But if I did retire the PRIV, look what I would get with the new KEYone.

  • Smart keyboard with touch navigation, flick typing for faster predictive text, customizable shortcuts and embedded fingerprint sensor. Nano SIM card port.
  • Anodized aluminum casing and textured soft touch grip with impact-resistant frame with stunning 4.5-inch touch screen display with Corning Gorilla glass 4 protection.
  • All day power with 3505Mah battery with quick charge 3.0, charging 50% in just 36 minutes; powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor with faster LTE for Super-fast file sharing.
  • 100% Android with latest Android Nougat OS with access to over a million apps and services from Google Play.
  • 12MP (1.55Μm large pixel) rear Camera with great low light photos and industry leading Sony IMX378 sensor.

In other words, it would make a great phone even greater.

That totally works for me.

But then I noticed something in one of the online reviews for the KEYone.  Something that actually shocked me – and might actually dissuade me from purchasing the phone.  Yeah, after talking so much about wanting a new Berry, this video kinda freaked me out.

This guy took a store-bought BlackBerry KEYone and tested it with abusive techniques – scratching, scuffing, flames, the works.  The BlackBerry KEYone survived well … until he tried a bend test and the screen popped out of the unit – and the ribbon cable powering the screen shredded in the process.


I can’t have that … what happens if I drop this phone and suddenly the screen pops out like a lens out of a pair of glasses?

According to the tester, there’s absolutely NO adhesive holding the screen in the BlackBerry KEYone to the housing.  Even my PRIV has a super-strong adhesive holding the phone together.

So maybe … just maybe … if I get the KEYone, I’ll wait until BlackBerry fixes that little screen adhesion issue.

Until then … I’ve still got my PRIV.

And in an emergency, I still hve my old BlackBerry Q10, which still has all its working functions intact.

In other words … I have options.  And I don’t need Verizon or anybody else to choose my cell phone for me.

Again, Verizon… Nyah nyah nyah nyah freakin’ nyah.