From stress to structure: a sneak peek at an upcoming project

I have a theory.  Okay, it’s more like a hypothesis, but I’m calling it a theory.

When we encounter stress in our lives, we take that stress and use it as fuel to create something tangible.  One of my friends, when she gets angry or frustrated, she cleans her house.  Place looks museum-spotless every time I visit.

Another person bakes when she’s under pressure.  Woman could enter an Iron Chef competition and make a seven-course meal even if the secret ingredient is Marshmallow Fluff.

Me?  Whenever I’m under a tremendous amount of stress or conflict or pain or distress,  I write.  I craft.  I build.  I tear apart and reformulate.  I photograph.  I photograph some more.  I take those angry, painful emotions and turn them into tangible beauty.

I work on projects that may take a year or two to complete.  I plan and re-plan and adjust and re-adjust.  And somewhere in that dark night, somewhere in the midst of ninety-nine tries and ninety-nine failures…

I see some success.

And on today, America’s birthday, I wanted to show off a small section of an upcoming art project.  This piece is but one portion of a much, much larger construct.  It honors America’s youth and America’s farmers and America’s homeland.  And when I finish this project, it will look swank.  At least I hope it will look swank.

The construction of projects like this comes from deep, tight portions of my subconscious.  Fragments of these ideas float to my mind in the final dreams before morning.  Other ideas can manifest themselves from a random comment, a tiny remembrance, a wistful memory.

It’s at those exact seconds that I harvest these ideas, like fishermen hauling in the nets, and store these found concepts away like treasure.

And in my stressful days, in my mournful moments, I can take these concepts and treasures – and build something tangible.

The piece I’m showing you today … as I said, it’s part of a much larger concept that’s not fully complete yet.  Despite that … you deserve a glimpse.  You really do.  Especially for sticking with me all this time.

Happy Independence Day, my blog readers.  And hopefully, if all goes well tonight, I’ll have some nice fireworks photos to show off.

But for now … enjoy this little glimpse of my inner psyche.

Happy Independence Day, everybody!