A new adventure for a former Albany Patroon

For the past six seasons, I’ve operated as the statistician with the National Basketball League of Canada.  For the last four of those seasons, I’ve worked in one capacity or another with David Magley, a member of the 1983-84 Albany Patroons championship squad.  Two of those years were when Magley coached the Brampton (Ontario) A’s, then two years were when Magley operated as commissioner of the NBL.

He stepped into the NBL’s commissionership at a troubled time in the league’s history, as the Canadian circuit recovered from a scandal in which the final playoff game – Game 7 of the championship series – was forfeited when the visiting team simply left the venue and went home.

For other independent pro hoops circuits, this would have been devastating.  Taking a commissioner’s job at that point would have been unthinkable.

Magley approached the challenge head-on and not only survived, he thrived in the position.  During that span, the NBL added new franchises in St. Cathatrines, Ontario (the Niagara River Lions), Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario (the Titans), and Sydney, Nova Scotia (the Cape Breton Highlanders).  He watched the league expand and grow.  He mediated disputes quickly and instituted changes throughout the league to make the product fan-friendly and enjoyable for all.

It’s been an amazing time working under Commissioner Magley.

Which is why it’s hard to say this, but I understand why it must happen.

David Magley has stepped down from his post as NBL League Commissioner, with the opportunity to spend more time home with his wife and family, and to entertain new challenges and conquests in the world of professional basketball.  In a statement on the NBL’s website, Magley says:

After much prayer and consideration, I believe it is time for me to go home to my family and become a more engaged husband, father and grandfather.  I have been BLESSED with a loving wife, four amazing children and an ever expanding group of grandchildren, who I miss daily…
My time in Canada has been incredible. I was allowed the opportunity to help in a small way in the formative years of a wonderful basketball academy in Orangeville and work with dear friends to be the first GM/Head Coach of the A’s, through my relationship with the Tipping family and I will be forever grateful for that.  
Next I spent two amazing years traveling one of the most beautiful countries on earth, listening to fans, working with a supportive ownership group, traveling through 35 markets in North America (on weekends) looking for talent and sharing the opportunity of playing in this great league, receiving direction from league President Vito Frijia and trying to stabilize and grow an incredible game in the homeland of the man who invented it.
Being from a relative small town in Indiana and having basketball as a passion, who could ask for more?
I hope we moved the ball a little and know that the best days are yet to come for the NBL Canada.  More importantly I hope that I was able to touch a few lives in the same manner in which I was blessed by so many.
Thank you owners, coaches, players, employees, volunteers, press and most importantly the wonderful fans…

We go through change in our lives, and no one really knows what lies beyond the curves in the paths to the roads we take.  Like Robert Frost upon reaching a fork in the road, Magley took the road less traveled, and that made all the difference.

Thanks for all that you’ve done in the NBL, Commissioner Magley, and I wish you nothing but success in anything you do in the future.

He’s got to achieve success, right?  He once wore the gold and kelly green of the Albany Patroons.

That’s successful vestments right there.