K-Chuck Radio: Awesome and rare 70’s dance classics

On this edition of K-Chuck Radio, I’m going to dive into the wild and wonderful world of dance music from the 1970’s.  Back when discos stopped calling themselves discotheques.

These tracks were monster hits in the clubs and discos, but sadly they’ve drifted off to rarities status.  Except for here, where I dust them off and give them another spin.

And let’s start our tour of the dance floor with …

Queen of Clubs

What, you thought this group was only capable of disco tracks?  Let me share with you one of K.C. and the Sunshine Band’s earliest hits, this funky hard-rocking dance track that could have knocked any rock song off the radio in nothing flat.

Armed and Extremely Dangerous

First Choice was a Philly Soul group whose biggest hit, “Armed and Extremely Dangerous,” became their only Top 40 hit.  Which is kinda sad, because this song deserved a bigger and more appreciative audience.

I’ll Always Love My Mama

Lost in the mix of the O’Jays and Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, the Intruders still were able to garner a few hits for Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff’s Philadelphia International label, including this dance track that still gets some spin when Mother’s Day roars around.

Hi Jack

You might know this track as a hit by Herbie Mann, but this Latin group recorded it first.

Soul Makossa

Before this record was originally released in America, imported French pressings of this Afrobeat classic were selling in record shops for upwards of $10 or more.  $10 for a 45 RPM record?  In 1973?  What do people think, record collectors are made of money? 😀


While you might have heard the Incredible Bongo Band’s classic track “Apache” in TV commercials and in movies, this track was actually the group’s first single release.  And it just made a cameo appearance in one of the hottest films of the summer, Baby Driver.

Holy Ghost

This amazing funk song deserves your attention.  And yes, it’s the song that’s name-checked in the Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight.”  Amazing what you can pick up from listening to one track and expecting another…


This Top 10 hit from 1976 was all over the Top 40 radio stations … and here’s the super-cool extended version, complete with horns and flute and funky funky jam.

FRED WESLEY and the JB’s
Doin’ It To Death

And finally, let’s wrap up with James Brown’s backup band the JB’s, on one of their classic super-smoky jams.  All 12 minutes of it.

Some great dance music to get you through the day … right here on K-Chuck Radio!