“Whataya mean now it won’t fit? How do you think I got it home?”

Preparing for the New York State Fair’s contests is both exciting and arduous.  All six of my photography entries are properly printed and matted and ready to go (thanks McGreevy Pro Lab and Hobby Lobby).  And as for the three entries I’m submitting in the Arts and Crafts category – two milk crate entries, Hi Norman’s Kill Dairy and Honeywell Farms, and my fully-restored K-Chuck Cabinet – all should be good.

In fact, I wanted to bring the K-Chuck Cabinet over to a friend’s house to show off the piece.

Okay, lift the cabinet …

Bring it down the stairs …

Open up Dracourage’s trunk…

And in you go.

Hmm.  Legs won’t fit in all the way.

Let’s try turning it sideways.

Uh-oh.  Won’t fit.

Maybe the side?  Perhaps I could slide it in the back seat?

No dice.

And at that moment, I felt frustrated.  The damn thing won’t fit, and if I can’t get the piece to fit in the trunk or the back seat of my car, I can’t take it to Syracuse for entry.

And I thought to myself … how could this be possible?  I put the radio cabinet in my car when I bought it from the salvage yard, it hasn’t grown in length, it didn’t undergo some form of radio cabinet puberty…

Wait a second.

Oh yeah.

I brought this cabinet home with me in the rental car BEFORE I purchased my 2013 Chevrolet Cruze.  And the rental car had a larger trunk area.

Palm, meet face.

Well, this just screws everything up, doesn’t it?

And at that point in time, I had three options.  I could either:

  • (A) Not enter the K-Chuck Cabinet and waste the entry fee.
  • (B) Rent a larger car to deliver the K-Chuck Cabinet (and rent a larger car to pick the cabinet up after its display time at the show is complete)
  • (C) Rent a Sawz-all and chop off the legs of the cabinet to make the cabinet fit in the trunk.

And in the end, I chose Option D.

After a quick phone call to the Fair organizers, I decided not to send the K-Chuck Cabinet to the New York State Fair … so long as I send some other entrant in its stead.

But where else am I going to find a product that will fit in the category of Category TT – Recycled Craft, Division 2, Functional Home Accessory or Toy?

The Soda Crate Hope Chest. Created by Chuck Miller.

I mean, where in the world can I find something that qualifies as a “recycled product” crafted from some sort of recycled materials?  I would have to scrounge through the salvage yards and flea markets, and then I have to hope my creativity kicks in – plus, I have to set aside time to build whatever it is, and even after all that, I still have to make sure it will fit in my car … damn, why didn’t I freakin’ measure the K-Chuck Cabinet before I entered it in the competition?

Hey Miller, the answer’s right here – LOOK OVER HERE, YA FREAKIN’ STOOPNAGLE!

And for that matter, why in the world didn’t I get a bigger car?  Why do I seem so freakin’ fixated on a car when I could buy an SUV or a crossover or a truck?  What’s wrong with Chuck owning a truck?  Just my luck, now I’m stuck, and nobody gives a flying …

Wait a second.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


It’ll fit in the car.

It’s made of recycled wood.

It’s a functional item.

You know what?

Let’s do it.

Time to call an audible.

I’ve swapped out the K-Chuck Cabinet for the competition…

And will replace the entry with Soda Crate Hope Chest.

The Soda Crate Hope Chest. Created by Chuck Miller.

This is thinking on the fly.  And let’s hope that I made the correct decision.

Such is the fun of putting together last-minute projects for Competition Season 2017.  😀