The results of Summer Bowl VIII

Yesterday, over two dozen of the Capital District’s smartest trivia squads gathered at Pearl Street Pub in downtown Albany for one of the area’s major trivia championships, the Summer Bowl.  These teams vied for trivia supremacy, as well as the $500 prize and their names engraved upon the Silver Shaker trophy.

Over the previous seven Summer Bowls, my Street Academy trivia team claimed the championship three times, and tied for the championship once.  For this new iteration of the tournament, I recruited Sim and El, two players from the Trivia Bowl championship winning Stern Fans squad, as well as my buddy Roger Green (he of the “Ramblin’ with Roger” blog).

Do you want to play along?  Here’s how we do it.  You get points for correct answers, you lose points for incorrect answers, and you can skip twice – there is also a “double chance” option, where you can submit two answers for a question, but if you’re wrong, you lose twice the points.

Here’s the first round.  Good luck.

  • (2 pts) Who is older, Harrison Ford or Tommy Lee Jones?
  • (4 pts) What pop star appears in the 7th season premiere of Game of Thrones?
  • (6 pts) Who starred in the 1990’s action film Barb Wire?
  • (8 pts) Where will Super Bowl 52 be held?
  • (10 pts) Passing away in 1962, Raymond Kaighn was the last survivor to play the first game of what sport?

Harrison Ford is older, Ed Sheeran was on Game of Thrones, Pamela Anderson tried for an Oscar in Barb Wire, and the ten-point answer was basketball.

Unfortunately, we whiffed on the 8-point question, and when the Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl 52, they will be in Minneapolis.  Unfortunately, they won’t be in Tampa.  Urgh.  16 points down to start the first quarter, and three teams are perfect in the first round.

Okay, second quarter.  Ready?

  • (2 pts) Which amusement park is older, Disneyland or Walt Disney World?
  • (4 pts) What type of insect is also known as a “pharaoh”?
  • (6 pts) For which team did O.J. Simpson play his last NFL game?
  • (8 pts – double bonus) Jared Leto is the lead singer of what rock band, and he started his acting career with what TV show?
  • (10 pts) In what decade was the first time a President earned a six-figure salary?

Nobody in the place knew that the “pharaoh” was an ant.  But we successfully nailed the Disney question (it’s Disneyland), our double-chance was used for the O.J. Simpson case (it was the 49ers), Sim knew cold the Jared Leto question (30 Seconds to Mars and My So-Called Life), and we smartly skipped the Presidential question (Harry Truman in 1949 was the first President to earn a six-figure salary).

I should note that two teams used their double-chance option – and both got it wrong.  20 point drop for them.

We’re now in 7th place, and still fighting forward.

Third round.  Here we go.

  • (2 pts) After “Go”, “the Jail” and “Free Parking,” what is the other corner called in a game of Monopoly?
  • (4 pts) Dr. Seuss was born in what state?
  • (6 pts) What rapper / actor appeared in the John Carpenter film “Ghosts of Mars”?
  • (8 pts – quadruple bonus) Name the last four baseball players to earn the Triple Crown.
  • (10 pts) The song “Rock You Like a Hurricane” was recorded by a band who originated in what country?

By the way, the fourth square is “Go To Jail”, Dr. Seuss is a Masshole (he was born in Springfield, Massachusetts), we knew the Scorpions were from West Germany, and we pulled three of the four Triple Crown players (Frank Robinson, Carl Yastrzemski and Mickey Mantle – damn Miguel Cabrera we couldn’t remember him no matter how hard we tried).  The six-pointer, however, was a stumper – one person said Ice-T, I said Ja Rule, whatever answer we put down was wrong because it was actually Ice Cube in the role.

Still in 7th place, 28 points behind the leaders.

Final round.  Ready?

  • (4 pts) – Actress / model Emily Ratajkowski first appeared in a 2013 music video for what song?
  • (6 pts) – What 60’s rock band had an early song called “Boris the Spider”?
  • (8 pts – triple bonus) Of the current Justices of the Supreme Court, name the three with the most years of service on the Court.
  • (10 pts – John Ratzenberger appeared in the Pixar film “A Bug’s Life” as what character?

Run the table.  Miss Ratajkowski appeared in “Blurred Lines” – the Who were responsible for “Boris the Spider” – we knew the Supreme Court justices cold (Thomas, Kennedy, Ginsburg) and we used our final skip on the final question (Ratzenberger played a flea in the film).

Still in 7th place.  102 points.  There’s a two-way tie for the lead between the Fist and the EZ Riders on Route 106, both teams have 130.

The final question involves American highways.

Bet everything.  Time to go big or go home.  It’s Sidney or the Bush.

“Beginning at the top of New York State, and going through Syracuse, Interstate 81 ends in what Southern state?”

Roger and Sim both discussed this question.  They both recall traveling down to Virginia on I-81, maybe it went through Tennessee, but didn’t go any farther than that.

In the end, we wrote down Tennessee.

Time to go through the scores.

And I recall that in Trivia Bowl III, we were in fifth place and had the correct answer – while four other teams stumbled around us.  Could it happen again?

Street Academy, 102 points, said Tennessee.

Teams ahead of us went with Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia… The Fist bet every point they had, and they said Georgia.  The EZ Riders on Route 106 bet a fraction of their points, and said South Carolina.

The correct answer was Tennessee.

And the winning squad – the only other team ahead of us to write down Tennessee – was Team Three, the squad that plays at Pearl Street Pub on Friday evenings.  They beat us by a few points, and they claimed the Summer Bowl championship.  Street Academy finished second overall, our second “second-place” finish.

Congratulations and much applause to Team Three in their Summer Bowl championship, and much thanks and appreciation to Baker and his crew for an exciting trivia game.

That trophy’s going to look great in the homes of the Team Three members.  Definitely enjoy it guys, it’s a great feeling to be a trivia champion.

And of course, now it’s time to get ready for Trivia Bowl XIII … and other trivia charity competitions in the future.  I’m still enjoying my sabbatical from the weekly game … but good contests like this might convince me to grab a ballpoint and head out for a night of chicken wings and correct answers. 😀