A table for a Dr. Pepper enthusiast

When I began my latest construction and crate art projects, I purchased various wooden soda carrier crates on sites like eBay and Etsy.  Many of the crates that arrived were of decent quality, and I almost hated to tear them apart.

Then came the Dr. Pepper crate.  The seller didn’t measure the unit properly, it was actually about an inch shorter and narrower than the other crates, making it impossible for me to use it in a hope chest construction.  It was in sorry shape, barely above an end use for kindling.

So I couldn’t include it in a hope chest construction …

Instead, I crafted an endtable out of it.  A salvage project to turn trash into a table.

Geez, at this rate I should take over the New Yankee Workshop or something.  Ha.

Let’s begin.

I separated out the boards and sides, and threw away the crate’s broken base.  The remaining sides of the crate will now operate as a skirt for a table frame.

A quick Sunday morning trip to Curtis Lumber in Ballston Spa.  And after searching for someone named Curtis to assist me, a young man helped me find a nice piece of tulip poplar, which he trimmed to an 11 1/2 x 16 dimension.  I also purchased some Minwax pre-stain and some Minwax Golden Oak stain – to make the tulip poplar board top pop – and four 2 x 2 tulip poplar planks, each plank 2 feet in length.  Those will be the table legs.

As I built the endtable, of course you know I filmed everything and uploaded the how-to video to YouTube.  Here’s a link.

And as I’m building this little table, I think to myself… where am I going with all these projects?  Am I trying to refashion myself with new techniques and new concepts and new challenges?  Is this somehow a new part of my life?  Or is this a way to find a rainy day project on a day that’s more overcast than rainy?

In the end, I realize that – as I’ve said before in this blog – projects like these are calming, soothing endeavors that will help stimulate the creative process in my mind and in my heart and in my soul.  They turn concepts and dreams into constructs and realities.

These are thoughts that cross my mind.  But before long …

The table is complete.

Dr. Pepper end table. Created by Chuck Miller.

And last night, I put the table next to my sofabed couch, where it will now spend the remainder of its life as an endtable.  As a table, it does what it’s supposed to.  No wobbles, no collapses.  And as a cool piece of furniture, it looks kinda awesome as well.

Yeah, I’m keeping this one.  Unless someone really, really needs a Dr. Pepper branded endtable…

If that’s the case, then we can certainly talk cash. 😀