An insurance revelation

Last Saturday, the Savoy Taproom in downtown Albany held an amazing charity fundraiser to help the victims of the four Madison Avenue homes that were destroyed in a Monday night / Tuesday morning fire.  Everything that night – from the cost of meals and drinks, to the entrance fees, to the silent auctions and raffles – all helped to bring some relief to those who lost everything in the tragedy.

On a personal note, I donated two artworks for the fundraiser – a giclee print of The Railsplitter, and Dream Window 17: An Adirondack Reflection – and both pieces sold for good prices.  Heck, even Albany mayor Kathy Sheehan placed a bid on the Dream Window.  That’s awesome in and of itself.

But within all those fantastic moments and amazing efforts by a community and neighborhood to help out its own …

I had a personal thought.  And it’s been something I’ve avoided doing for way too long.

What if that was my home that burned to the ground?  I would lose everything – my cameras, my computers, my clothes, all of it.

Yesterday, I made a call to my insurance carrier, the same one that handles my auto insurance policy.

And I signed up for renter’s insurance.

I know, I know, some of you are saying, “Geez, Chuck, what took you so long?”

Let me explain.

Ever since I moved to the Town and Village in 2010, I’ve felt secure.  I’ve felt – at least in my home – like I’ve gotten completely away from all the craziness in my life.  A personal sanctum sanctorum, if you will.

But, over time, things have happened to me.  My health, for one.  The car crash last year.  Just little by little, I’ve become more concerned about my personal mortality.

And although I still feel, in the back of my mind, that I will always remain safe in my home…

It’s something I should do.  My insurance shouldn’t be, “Maybe the community will hold a fundraiser for me.”

No.  I have to look out for number one, and avoid being treated like number two.

I talked to an insurance agent, and we agreed on a replacement policy for the cash value of my personal belongings – with an additional policy for my Nikon Df camera.  So if my Df ever gets damaged – even outside the home – I can file a claim and work towards receiving a replacement Df.

This is what I go through in my life.  I’m more than willing to help others in need …

But sometimes I should take a moment and prepare for my own personal well-being.