What’s better … “partly cloudy” or “mostly sunny”?

With only two weeks left before my planned trip to photograph the 2017 Great American Eclipse, the first advance weather forecasts have appeared on various online weather websites.

I’ve been worried about my trip – only because if I’m traveling twelve hours to capture an eclipse, the last thing I need is overcast skies or a rainstorm on that day.

Two of my three target destinations, however, show promise.  Target A lists the weather on August 21 as “mostly sunny.”  Target B says that on August 21, the weather will be “partly cloudy.”  Target C, unfortunately, still lists thunderstorms in the area.

Mind you, I realize that these weather forecasts are extremely preliminary and there’s no guarantee that the weather report from today will equate to the weather two weeks from now.  That’s hwy it’s called “weather forecasting,” right?

Still… it does bring a glimmer of hope for my trip.

And in the end … that’s important as well…