There’s something very interesting about these how-to videos…

When I started working on my crate art project, I initially had no idea what to do or how to do it.  Sanding, stains, nails, screws, all that stuff, you may as well have tried to explain the infield fly rule to me.

So I did what any self-respecting DIY person would do.  I gorged on YouTube videos to explain all the tricks and techinques – in simple, easy-to-comprehend language and step-by-step steps – to the point where I felt more comfortable in completing my projects.

And the more YouTube videos I watched, the more things made sense.

For example, here’s a short clip on how to properly stain wood.

Of course, watching that clip caused me to fall down the YouTube rabbit hole to various other videos and how-to clips.  I picked up a tip here, a tip there, and little by little my projects began making more sense.

Trust me, I want to try this technique that uses steel wool and cider vinegar to make a solution that, when painted on wood, makes the wood look like old oxidized barnwood.  Awesome.

But then I saw this video … and although there were some interesting and beneficial tips on how to build an end table … something about the video seemed a bit … well … distracting.

After watching this video, I discovered the benefits of a counter-sink drill bit.  Not only would the counter-sink drill bit put a nice recess into the wood, so that the screws would be flush with the table … there wouldn’t be any noticeable gaps or valleys or open spaces visible.  Hmm…

This video shows a nice DIY project of turning an old wooden pallet into a coffee cup rack.  Interesting project … but if we’re going to be talking about racks, is it me or is the host’s top getting shorter and shorter as the video progresses, to the point where it was halfway towards becoming a bikini top?

Of course, if we keep up this technique, we’re bound to go too far in the double-entendre category.  For example … this host is just too far over the top in her demonstration on how to sand wood.  Nice try, sweetie.  Go check your phone to see if you’ve gotten a Suicide Girls photo shoot call back.

On the other hand … this video actually makes want to go out and chop down a tree, chainsaw the trunk, and work it into shape on a lathe.  Yes indeed.

Okay, now that I’ve had my fun … 😀

I think I’ll return to my front porch woodbench and build again.

Okay, Norm Abram, show me how to build a table.