The 800-subscriber milestone…

Six months.  I hadn’t even realized the time few by so quickly.

But as of yesterday, I am now up to 800 subscribers – 800 people who have linked to my current blog location, 800 people who receive, every morning without fail, a notification of a new Chuck Miller blog post.

And for that, I say thank you.  You all rock like Stevie Ray Vaughan.

I wasn’t expecting to be here six months ago.  But my time with the Albany Times Union’s blog portal had to end.  And I can go chapter and verse and refrain and bridge about what happened and why.

But this post is NOT about the past.  This post is about the present.

When I left the TU blog portal, I heard the usual crap from the TU staffers about how the only people who would read my blog now would be two family members and four imaginary friends.

Well, I guess nobody told the 650 people who signed up for my new blog on its first day of operation.  Or the dozens of people who have subscribed to my blog since that time.

And now I’ve hit 800 subscribers.  A nice round number, to be sure.

So I raise a bottle of soda to all of you.


And six months into this personal portal, let me answer a few questions that some people have posed.

If the Times Union calls and says, “We want you to come back to us,” would you return?

No.  I realize there were some people who thought my leaving the TU blogfarm was part of an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank.  But no, the issues between myself and Big Hearst are too great for me to ever consider returning.

If you don’t want to return, why do you keep promoting the TU’s blogs on your Saturday posts?

Because many of the community bloggers – besides being amazing writers – are my friends.  Just because I’m in a new location doesn’t mean that I abandon them.

What’s your plans going forward with this blog?

I don’t know yet.  But if the last six months has been any indication, I know that there are possibilities and probabilities regarding future creations.  Heck, the most recent events – the Crate Art Project series and the Chuck Miller Creatives etsy site – came through this new blog.  And there will be more to follow.

Besides, one of the best parts of this blog is my interactions with you, the readers.  Over this long stretch of time – going all the way back to 2008, when I opened up this little blog on a homemade outlet, there’s always been an open dialogue and communication between you and me.  And there always will be.

And at 800 subscribers – as well as those who read my blog on a post-by-post basis – it’s still a strong communication.  And that means a lot to me.

So we have a long journey ahead of us, you and I.

We’ve made it six months in this new endeavor.

Let’s make it six months and a day.

And another day, and another day after that.

Ready … set …

(making like Captain Picard in the Captain’s chair, pointing finger forward)