Thoughts from a hotel room in Saratoga Springs

I had to double-check my e-mail account to make sure this wasn’t a scam or a swindle.

But apparently it was legit. Somehow, I earned a free one-night’s stay at the Saratoga Casino and Hotel.

The catch, though?

It was one night only – specifically, last night.

Which is why I’m writing today’s blog post as I look out my window at the Saratoga Casino and Hotel parking lot.

Yep, I cashed in the free one night stay.

Normally, I will play the slots or the harness races when I visit this facility, but I figured that this time I would act like the proverbial “high roller” – even though I could only be a true high roller if the casino accepted Monopoly money in the slots – and checked into the hotel itself.

Hotel check-in was easy, and I settled into a very plush “Business King” single room. The room seemed very comfortable, there was a nice widescreen television (and they had the NHK network among the available TV watching choices, so I enjoyed a nice documentary on China from a flying drone’s eye view).

There was also a swimming pool and fitness center – and, just outside the swimming pool, was a working gas fire pit. I spent some time at the fire pit, just chatting with some of the other residents. One man told me he needed to call his son for his birthday.

“Where is he?” I asked.

“He’s in Florida, down in the Keys. He had to hunker down, he didn’t get out of the way of Hurricane Irma.”

“I hope he’s all right.”

“He said he’s okay. But all the houses around him were destroyed.”

“God bless him indeed,” I said.

Okay, I’m not going to lie. I went to the slot machines during this little excursion – and after winning about $250 on one of my favorite penny slots, Fireball II: Afterburn, I sat down at the roulette table, where two men were having animated arguments about where they should place their chips.

“We have to bet 33, 34, 35, 36,” one man said.

“No, we have to bet 2, 5, 8, 11,” shouted the other man, both of them fueled by some beverage that may not have been native to the mineral springs at Saratoga Springs.

I put a few chips on lucky #5, then I started placing chips on 36, 35 …

“What are you doing?” one of the men asked me?

“I’m listening to both of you and putting some money on these numbers,” I replied.

“Why the hell are you doing that?” the man yelped, as if I had cribbed his notes for the high school final exam. “I bet those numbers, you can’t bet those numbers too.”

“No more bets,” chirped the electronic roulette computer.

And sure enough, #5 came up. $70 for me. And the other guy won about $350.

Immediately, the men went from yelling and screaming at each other, to high-fiving each other. I got a high-five as well. But I also knew that I should not press my luck. So I made like Steve Miller, and I took the money and ran. Disappeared like abracadabra. Trust me, I’m no joker in moments like this.

Back to my hotel room. A little peace and quiet. Comfy bed. I should probably write my blog post… take care of it tonight, rather than trying to write it tomorrow … damn, this bed is so soft… Come on, Miller, don’t put off tomorrow what you can … mmm, these pillows are so comfortable … just a small nap, a little cat nap … zzzzzzz

which is why I’m writing this blog post in the morning.

It’s kinda hard to write this blog post today – not because I can’t come up with any reasonable ideas, but because the complimentary internet wifi is really spotty – they offer “free” wireless at 1 mpbs, which was lightning fast the day I stopped using dial-up modems. In fact, I got so frustrated with the lag in editing this blog, that I switched over to my Notepad feature on my laptop to finish this post.

Yeah, I know. Whine, whine, whine.

Be that as it may …

I do have to admit that the Saratoga Casino Hotel is very plush and stylish. And enjoyabler. If I really was a high-roller with a serious wad of presidents in my wallet, I would definitely book a getaway night here.

Oh wait … just got a new e-mail.

It’s from the Saratoga Casino and Hotel. I received another complimentary hotel night. which I have to use at some point next week … between Sunday and Thursday.

Well, I did say I needed another getaway… I just wasn’t expecting to take one so soon. 😀