Chuck Miller Creatives Etsy site has new artworks!

After successfully selling some of my photo artwork and prints on the Chuck Miller Creatives Etsy site earlier this year, I figured it was time to add some more prints to the gallery.

And so, as several of my pieces finally left the competition realm, I found time to add these prints to the site.  These prints make great gifts, they make awesome home or office art, and you at least know who took the pictures.  Yeah, it was me.  😀

So what’s new at the Etsy site today?

The following prints are new, and links to their Etsy listings are shown below.  They include:

  • Jesus Saves – my shot of the South End mercy mission neon sign, powered and lit up by Revolog Tesla II film.
  • Stone, Saltwater, Surf and Seagulls – Perfect for any home or office, this print shows the power of an early morning frolic between birds and the Atlantic Ocean surf.
  • Step and Pivot – my abstract shot of a Colonie shoe repair neon sign, causing the sign to dance and pirouette.
  • What the Grasshopper Saw – The perspectives of a tulip garden from the ground up.  A two-time award winner in Competition Season 2017.

All of these prints are available, and if you like those, there are also chances to get the pensive and reflective The Walkway, the stunning night shot The Heavens Above, The Forest Below, the detailed and sharp Parabola: From Hadley to Corinth, the wistful urban exploration The Pew of Holy Innocents, and the simply beautiful A Simple Cup of Flowers.

All these prints are 16×20 in size, and will be in the mail to you one business day after purchase.  The 16×20 size is standard for frame shops, you can acquire a 16×20 frame at your local Hobby Lobby, Michaels Art Supply, A.C. Moore or Jo-Ann Fabrics, or wherever quality frames are sold.

In the future, I also plan to add some 11×14 prints to the Etsy store, as well as some custom-printed entries from my back catalog and archive.  So stay tuned and keep your eyes out for new and unique updates!