No school today…

While on my jaunt through Washington County to find some decent fall foliage, I came across something I wasn’t expecting to see.

And yes, I got a photo of it.

Let me explain.

I do not consider myself an “urban explorer.”  Yes, I’ve gone into abandoned churches, decrepit railroad passenger cars, condemned amusement parks campuses, and long-forgotten structures.  And yes, I’ve taken pictures of same.

But I’m not what anyone would consider a dedicated urbexer.  Most times, if I see an abandoned building, I leave it alone and go find something else to photograph.

This time, during my travels, I felt like hiking a trail in search of decent fall foliage.  There hasn’t been much foliage this year – lots of browns and beiges instead of yellows and reds – but I kept my hopes up, regardless.

And … along the trail … I found…

An abandoned school bus.  I mean, seriously abandoned.  The bus was coated with rust and graffiti and dead leaves.

Get a picture of this, Chuck.

And so I did.

Abandoned Psychedelia. Nikon Df camera, Vivitar 19mm f/3.5 lens. Photo by Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Jesus Christ.  Would you look at all those reds and greens and blues in that picture.  All you need to do now is pack the Beatles in this thing and you could have a magical mystery tour.

Yeah, I’m thinking this might be worth keeping in the short pile for next year, especially if there’s an urban exploration category or something that just screams, “My eyes! My eyes! Sensory overload! Sensory overload!!”

So you’re probably wondering … “Hey Chuck, where’s this school bus?  I want to photograph it too.”

You know what?  I’m not going to tell you where the bus is located.  Simply because … if I don’t like how this picture turned out, I’ll try to capture it again in wintertime… maybe the picture will look better with a nasty dusty of snow.

Or I might just go with this one.

It’s nice to have choices in this world.