The Saratoga Vichy Crate Art Project tour starts now

Remember the Saratoga Vichy Crate Art Project piece, where I wired up some vintage mineral water bottles to flash and dance in their own personal crate?

Yeah.  Kinda looked like this.

As you know, I displayed this art piece at the Saratoga springs Preservation Foundation’s Trask Art Show and Sale last month.  It didn’t sell … but all that means is that it now gets to appear in any future art show I choose.

Starting now.

While I was on my Washington State vacation, I received word from the directors of the Albany Barn – the art collective that’s housed at the former Edward F. Kennell Center – which was the former St. Joseph’s Academy in Arbor Hill – that the Saratoga Vichy Crate Art Project will be part of their upcoming “Remix” art show.  The “Remix” show, which features art that merges different disciplines and materials into one flowing theme, will be Albany Barn’s part of Albany’s upcoming “First Friday” on November 3.

In case you haven’t guessed … this is super cool.  And it’s also a personal callback for me.  See, I remember the Albany Barn’s former existence as the Edward F. Kennell Center, because that was one of the ancillary buildings my high school, the Street Academy of Albany, used when we needed an auditorium or a bake sale facility.  So for me, this is like going back home.

Plus, I still get to show off this little artwork.  And maybe someone will see it – like it – and possibly buy it. 😀

Nice to come home to good news after a vacation, don’tcha think?