K-Chuck Radio: Until we get power again…

Rise and shine, Chuck.  Up and at ’em.  Look at my clock and …

I can’t see my clock.

Oh no.  It finally happened.  The diabetes has captured my eyesight.

No… wait a second …

My eyes didn’t lose power…

The Town and Village lost power.  No electricity from the storm.

So until the power goes back on… and until I can write my blogs from my personal computer…

I’m using this auxiliary computer to craft a quick and pertinent K-Chuck Radio featuring songs about blackouts, darkness, lights out and other non-illuminated occurrences.  Including…

Lights Out

It’s hard for me to associate Peter Wolf without the J. Geils Band.  This would have been a reasonably decent addition to their catalogue.  But that’s just me.


At some point in time, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will forget that Journey had the most overplayed song of modern times in “Don’t Stop Believing” and realize that their back catalog was pretty awesome and include them in the Hall.  Some point in time.

Dancing in the Dark

Felt like dusting this Arthur Baker remix version off the shelf.  Don’t hate me for it.

When The Lights Go Out

When I was looking for this video, I thought I remembered it was by the Backstreet Boys.  Nope.  N’Sync?  Uh-huh.  98 Degrees?  Negatory.  O-Town?  Doubtful.  It was by … 5ive.  Yeah.  You would have had trouble remembering it, too.


Rest in peace, Chester Bennington.  Thanks for giving us some awesome tracks with Linkin Park.  You are still missed today.

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

In case you’re wondering about the literary style known as “Southern Gothic,” here’s a great example – a three-minute story-song of cheating, murder, deceit, and other nasty stuff.

(The Lights Went Down In) Massachusetts

This seems to be an issue right now.  No power in Georgia, no power in Massachusetts… 😀

Power Outage Song

Let’s wrap this up with a little comedy folk singing by the Rural Characters, who seem to be prepared for any sort of electrical outages.  Ha.

And until you have power, at least you’ll have fun with an electrified K-Chuck Radio blog post!