If you can vote … vote for Albany Phoenix

Here’s the deal.  The new Albany arena football team needs a name, and four name choices have sprouted up.  They’re here at this link.  You can pick from the Albany Fire, the Albany Machine, the Albany Phoenix or the Albany Empire.

Of the four names on the list … only one makes total sense.

Here’s why you should vote for Albany Phoenix.

The original arena football team in this area was the Albany Firebirds.  They won an ArenaBowl championship, and they regularly filled the Knickerbocker Arena / Pepsi Arena throughout their winning seasons.

But this new team can’t be named the Firebirds, in that the name “Firebirds” was a sponsorship between the team and the local Pontiac dealerships.  Even the team’s original logo looked like the hood decoration of a Pontiac Firebird car.  Trust me on this.

So let’s see what the choices are for this new team.

Albany Fire.  Blah.  The name is just so blah.  It’s like suggesting that your favorite color is beige.

Albany Machine.  Yeah, for a city that was built on machine politics, that makes lots of sense.  Support the $5 handshake, vote early and vote often, choose the Albany Machine!

Albany Empire.  No.  Absolutely not.  Unless the team is owned by Lucious Lyon and his record company, this is a dumb name.  Plus, it’s too close to the Albany Conquest name.  You remember the Conquest, don’t you?  The second-level arena football team that was so dreadful, they rebranded themselves as the Firebirds in their final season in the hopes of actually increasing their woeful attendance.  Did not work.

No, honestly the only true choice for a team name is Albany Phoenix.  Besides, what’s another name for a Firebird?  A phoenix rising from the ashes.  So technically, this is the closest name one can have that pays tribute to the original Firebirds squad.

Voting on the team name continues to November 15.  So get out there and vote for the name of your choice for the new Arena Football team.

P.S.: Vote for Phoenix.  At least that name makes the most sense of all the choices.  Trust me on this. 😀