It’s a soda … made of celery?

I couldn’t find the beverage, and my flight to Washington State was leaving tomorrow.

Damn it.

Let me explain.

In preparation for my trip to visit my son Kris, I put together a bit of a Capital District CARE package, i.e., foods and treats you can’t get in the Pacific Northwest.  Included in the CARE package were some Freihofer’s Corn Toasties, as well as some various Jewish delicacies from the glatt kosher Price Chopper at the intersection of Central Avenue and Route 155.

“And Dad,” Kris asked me, “Please try to get some Cel-Ray soda.”

Unfortunately, though … there was no Cel-Ray Soda to be had anywhere in the area.  Not at Price Chopper, not at Shop Rite, not at Hannaford, not anywhere.

Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray Soda is, shall we say, an acquired taste.  The beverage, which was first manufactured as a health tonic in the 1860’s, is made from carbonated water and celery seed extract.  It does pair well with foods like pastrami and corned beef, just in case you’re feeling that Carnegie Deli itch.

I tried it a few times, but could never  stand the stuff.  And this is from a man who at one point in time could  drink the petrochemical soda Moxie like it was spring water.

But Kris loved the beverage.

I looked and looked.  Not one single can or bottle of Cel-Ray Soda could be found in the Capital District.  And as I boarded the plane for the flight west, I felt kinda bummed that I could not find the soda Kris liked so much.

The other day, I was puttering through Amazon – one of my local affiliated charities had a deal with Amazon’s “Smile” program where purchases made through Amazon would receive matching or partial donations to the charity – and, just for a lark, I punched in “Cel-Ray Soda” in the search box.

Holy crap, you can get Cel-Ray Soda on Amazon?  Who knew?

Okay.  So I can send four six-packs of this beverage to Kris, and still have it count towards my charitable “smile” purchase to the charity?  Where’s my credit card?

So probably by Monday or Tuesday or so, depending on how fast Amazon delivers things, Kris can guzzle this classic beverage all he wants.  And that’s fine by me.  I hope he enjoys it.

Trust me, he doesn’t have to share any of it with me.

No, really, he can drink it all.  I’m good.  😀