K-Chuck Radio: The Monster Soulful Groove

Sometimes, there’s a song out there that captures your consciousness.  It makes you smile, it surges your emotions, it takes you to a place you weren’t expecting to visit.

So on today’s K-Chuck Radio, I felt like bringing some powerful music to you.  Soaring vocals, emotive lyrics, spectacular harmonies.

And let’s start with…

Step Into My World

This early 70’s New York City groove just smoulders with gospel and soul.  From its opening pre-note organ riff to the sweet harmonies, this track just takes us all to church.

Right On the Tip of My Tongue

This Philadelphia soul group had several hits in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s; this was their last (and best, IMHO) and was produced by Van McCoy (you remember him from “The Hustle”).

Hey You! Get Off My Mountain!!

The Dramatics were the backbone of soulful 70’s harmony, and this track – in which the singer laments a breakup and resolves to move forward – is just super-awesome.

I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine

Take the soaring vocals of Ronnie Spector – add some amazing Brill Building songwork – mix well with the Wall of Sound – and you have this almost-forgotten gem.  Almost forgotten.  But not completely forgotten.

I Love You For All Seasons

It doesn’t mean anything without the vocals, without the lyrics, and without the sexy soul violins.  This was The Fuzz’ biggest hit of their career, and what a hit it was.

I Wanna Get Next To You

Yes, we all know Rose Royce as the group behind the #1 hit “Car Wash.”  But this was their awesome follow-up track, and it showed that the band was a multi-threat both in the studio and on the stage.  Arguably one of Rose Royce’s best ballads ever.


Think about this for a second.  You put together a slow groove with a weeping lead guitar, some emotive, painful, plaintive lyrics … and it becomes a monster soul hit.  Scuse me a second, I want to groove to this track a few more times, if you know what I mean.

If You Think You’re Lonely Now

Is it just me or does Jodeci just sing the hell out of this Bobby Womack track?  Because it sure sounds like they do.  Big time.

You And I

Let’s wrap this K-Chuck Radio post up with some spectacular soul grooving by Black Ivory.  And just when you think the lead singer can’t take his notes any higher … he reaches levels only achieved by maybe Philip Bailey.  Maybe. 😀

Enjoy some hot grooves today everybody … right here on K-Chuck Radio!!