Week 3 of the Trivia Unification Tournament

By missing the first week of the Capital District’s Trivia Unification Tournament – where dozens of local bars and taverns host trivia competitions, and the top teams play a one-day, winner takes-all championship – I’m already behind the 8-ball.  Urgh.

But a second-place showing last week at least garnered me points for the event.  Now I need to hunker down and get some first-place points to secure a spot in the competition.  As things stand right now, I have 7 Unification points, and the cutoff for the Top 25 of all teams participating is currently 17 points.

Chuck gotta work.

Another trip to Rivers Casino in Schenectady.  By the way, all the luck I had in the slots last week?  Disappeared this week.  I would have had better luck dropping money into a collection plate at church.

But when trivia started, I was on fire.  Perfect first round.  Near-perfect second and third rounds.  Ran the table on listing the last five presidents to serve only one four-year term (George HW Bush, Carter, Hoover, Taft, Benjamin Harrison, ring da bell and move da chains).

Did okay in the music round, was very surprised (and was grooving in my chair) when King Floyd’s “Groove Me” was one of the selections.  Holding a nice 12-point lead going into the half.

Then came the movie still round.  See the still, name the movie.

I hate this round.

Let me repeat that.  I HATE THIS ROUND.

I picked up the first three stills without trouble, but I missed the last two (including mis-identifying a film a “The Good Brother” instead of “The Good Son”), putting me in second place toward the final, with the Rivers house team El Chupacabra above me.

Final category is American Cities.

I bet enough points to at least secure another second place finish if both I and El Chupacabra got it right.

“What city can be found at the intersections of I-90 and I-71?”

Okay, Miller, use your brain cells.

I-90 goes from Boston to Seattle.  You’ve driven I-90 as far as Cleveland, on times when you visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Now weren’t there road signs for I-71 upon reaching Cleveland?

I scribbled down Cleveland as my answer – almost crossed it out for Chicago – then handed it up to the host.

Several people said Chicago.  Others said St. Louis, Buffalo, Detroit …

El Chupacabra said … Worcester?  Really?  Seriously?  The odd-numbered interstate routes go north-south, but the numbers are sequenced from California to the East Coast.  That’s why we have I-87, but I-89 and I-91 and I-93 are in New England.

Anyways, the answer was indeed Cleveland.  First place win for the Street Academy trivia team – and $100 for first place!  Yes!  It is INDEED all about the Benjamins, bay bee!

Plus, a first-place victory snagged me ten Unification points, giving me 17 overall.

Definitely works for me.  Even if I can’t win at the casino itself … I still picked up a win (and $100) from the trivia game.

And things are just … getting … started.