Holiday decorating in two minutes or less.

At some point later this morning – possibly after I finish writing my blog – I’ll add some holiday decorations to my apartment in the Town and Village.

I’ll hang the plastic holiday wreath I bought a couple of years ago on my front door.

I’ll place the small illuminated ceramic Christmas tree on a countertop.

Decorations done.

I’m not much when it comes to personal holiday decorating.  That being said, I’m more than happy to help someone hang Christmas lights on the side of their house, or to help trim and decorate a Christmas tree.

And I have no problem wishing people the happiest of holidays, regardless of faith or creed or belief.  All the major holidays dovetail to a central modicum of peace and harmony.  They all have their blessed and heartfelt moments.

I think, for me, my holiday spirit has become simple.  A couple of decorations around the house, that’s it.  My place isn’t big enough to stack a Douglas fir in.  And I don’t really have time to string lights and garland around my front porch.

Then again, I do other types of holiday decorating.

See, around this time of year, Yankee Candle sells my all-time favorite candle scent – Balsam and Cedar.  A couple of packages of the aromatic, sold as little plastic “car jar” fragrance swatches, dangling from my car’s rearview mirror, ’tis the season to smell festive, fa la la la la, la la – la la.

And at some point this weekend, I’ll have to visit the jewelry store and try on a Tag Heuer Steve McQueen-era chronograph.  Yeah, I know such a timepiece costs a ton of money … but it always reminds me that there are goals to achieve in life.  And for the thirty seconds that watch is on my wrist … I feel that I can truly accomplish those goals.

Yesterday I received my reddit “Secret Santa” match.  I read over my giftie’s likes and interests – and found a few things that would work for that person this holiday season.  That’s what you do.

And rather than deal with the Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Hungover Wednesday shopping barrage, I’ll designate a few gifts for friends and family later next week.

Oh, and I’m getting one more gift for myself.

Apparently people have been griping about my photos – mostly my selfies that seem to show me with a lack of smile on my face.

That’s absurd.  I smile all the time.  Sometimes I can introduce one ear to the other via way of grin.

Be that as it may … I decided to treat myself to a photo shoot this weekend.

Not one where I’m taking the photos, mind you … I’m actually hiring someone to take my picture.  Me and my cameras, together as an image.

Right off the bat, I know someone’s going to kvetch about, “Oh yeah, Chuck, how vainglorious are you, paying to get your own pictures taken, what a bore.”

Hey, it’s simple.  I can do this – and it will look nice.   Besides, it’s my Christmas, and I can do with it as I choose.

That’s how things work out.

Fair enough?

Now if you’ll excuse me … I have to find the hanger for my plastic Christmas wreath.  It’s here somewhere…